Wednesday, March 12, 2014

5 Most Significant Changes in the CFCL - #5

Think back over the last 30 years of your life.  All the things that are different now compared to then.  Style of cars, style of clothes, where you live, who you are with.  Lots of things have evolved.

The CFCL is no different.  Yes, the baseline is still the same.  A bunch of nerdy dudes sitting around trying to build a championship baseball team.  But it's the other things, some big, some not so big, that have changed.

So in Letterman style, we will count down, not the Top 10, but the Top 5 Most Significant Changes to the CFCL.

We start today with #5.

Draft location.  What?  Really?  Significant?  You bet.  For years we drafted in owners apartments and homes, throwing together a long line of cardboard tables and folding chairs while coordinating with the host's significant other and family to make sure they wouldn't be disturbed by our presence and  - more importantly - we wouldn't be disturbed by theirs.

We have drafted in the shared home of Dem Rebels and Copperfields, the Copperfields and Rebels individual homes as well as the homes of the Bald Eagles, ForGoetzMeNots and Ruffins.  All of those owners and their families were gracious hosts, but in 1998 the opportunity to draft in corporate meeting rooms presented itself and our drafting lives changed.

We no longer needed folding tables, we had corporate training facilities with individual tables for each owner.  The chairs were padded.  The elbow room was greater.  No spouses or children wondering when they would get their home back.

We had dry erase boards!  We had projection screens!  We had multi-fixture bathrooms!!!

The change from an owner's home to a coporate board room may not seem that significant, but when you're sitting in a room for seven or eight hours, you cannot fully describe how impactful some elbow room and non-metallic hard foldings chairs is.

Currently we take advantage of a meeting room with floor to celing windows on one wall, a twelve foot polished meeting table and 10 cushioned, height adjustable, reclinable meeting chairs on four swivel casters!

Draft location is the 5th most significant change to the CFCL.

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