Friday, March 28, 2014

Five Most Significant Changes in the CFCL - #1

We have reached the top of the list.  The most (in my opinion) significant change to the CFCL.  Arguments could be made that the assignment of ratings for being computerized and changing categories were inaccurate, but for our #1 selection, there can be no argument.  It is, without question, the most significant change to the CFCL.

October 11, 2010.  It was on that date that David's Copperfields retired from the CFCL.  The man that started the league by bringing his best friend in high school to Kroch's & Brentano's and showed him this shiny green book, decided to walk out with class, walk out with a heavy heart and to walk out on top.

David Mahlan, following his passion for books and his passion for baseball, sought out "The Greatest Game For Baseball Fans Since Baseball" and changed the face of baseball in Chicago forever, at least for nearly 44 devoted baseball fans.

For 27 years David gave his heart and soul to the league becoming its League Secretary, League Archivist, Co-Commissioner and, not least of all, most successful team in league history.  On top of developing the most honest and classy fantasy sports organization around, David won eleven championships in twenty-seven years (good for a 41% winning percentage, not just finishing in the money percentage).

David had the unique ability, as Commissioner, to deal with many owner personalities - some honest, some conniving, some selfish, some Vile-Despicable-Scum - and was able to make each feel as they were being dealt with honestly and fairly.

As owner of David's Copperfields David came in to each draft prepared to the gills.  That's not a subjective analysis.  For many years before laptops became all the rage, David would quietly place three, count 'em, three three-ring binders each more than two inches thick on the table in front of him.  They were full of player analyses, inflation ratings and general intimidation.  Many an owner would quietly say (hoping they were right)  "There's probably nothing on most of those pages.  He's just trying to scare us."  All comments in that vein were incorrect.

Enough words cannot be written about the absolute class David used in establishing and then enforcing the rules of the CFCL.

David tried to walk away a couple of years earlier, but I temporarily was able to talk him out of it by offering to take on as much administrative responsibility as possible so he could simply run his team.  After two years, David realized that even just running his team would require more time than he was willing to give at this point of his life.

While David retired from active team ownership and Commissioner duties, we have been able to cajole him into stopping by for the beginning of each draft, enjoying our company at the CFCL Awards and Banquest Extravaganza and staying involved with endeavors like this blog.  We are all holding out hope that once his boys are grown and on their own there will come a time when the Copperfields need to take the field once again.  Always being as honest as possible, David has reponded to all such inquiries as "Probably not."  But we can always hope.

It's not the same.  David understood better than anyone that the league is bigger than any one owner, but the league has not been the same without him at the helm.  Teams will compete, fun will be had and championships will be won.  The CFCL will go on ("We're Not Even Halfway There!") but it won't be the same.

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