Monday, December 2, 2013

CFCL Owners of 1985

Not Pictured [from left]:  Paul Mahlan (Paul's Bunyans), Dave Goetz (ForGoetzMeNots), David Mahlan (David's Copperfields), Rich Bentel (Dem Rebels), Fred Mahlan (Fred's Friars), Dave Gross (Ghostbusters), Jim Fenton (and eventual CFCL Champion Mudville Sluggers).

As we began the 1985 season, the CFCL expanded from six to seven teams, yet the league roster had a whole new look.  First, Dave Goetz (Original 6 member and 1st CFCL champion) brought a friend of his, Dave Gross to join the league so we expanded to seven teams.

But a couple of the teams weren't happy with their inaugural season and decided to shake things up.  Paul Mahlan entered the league in 1984 as Paul's Penguins.  He didn't feel like alliteration was going to get the job done so he moved on to Northern US mythology and named his team Paul's Bunyans.  Rather than hit like lumberjacks they performed like footsores, finishing sixth.

Rich Bentel, disillusioned with eponymous Atlantic bottom dwellers, moved south, cast away the Eels moniker and took on his Initial season of Dem Rebels.  The results were immediate as the Eels finished 6th (last) in 1984 and Dem Rebels vaulted all the way to 4th.

The Sluggers had a tooth and nail fight with their friends, the Friars all season long and outlasted Fred by 1.5 points.

I remember specifically drafting in Dave Goetz' apartment in Forest Park.  I don't actually remember, but I know that League Archivist David Mahlan has it logged that for some god awful reason, the first player selected was . . .

Well, let's review what NORMALLY happens at the draft.  Before I do that, I will stipulate that 1985 being our 2nd season there really wasn't any normal yet.  However, you would think that after waiting all winter long to draft, we would jump on some big named stud that could make a major impact on our teams.  Someone that everyone would salivate over, bust their budget for.  Someone that, when you heard the name, you would think "Oooh, I just NEED him!!!"  (Of course that would be said in a most manly, baseball fan kind of way).

So having all winter long to think and drool and plan, the first player nominated was . . . Dan Driessen, firstbaseman of the Montreal Expos.  As if the baseball gods could anticipate things, they made sure the hapless Rebels successfully acquired Driessen (for 12 cents).

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