Monday, December 16, 2013

CFCL vs. Other Leagues

Early on in this blog we talked about the differences between the CFCL and other leagues (we're a keeper league while others start fresh each year; we have an around the table bidding process vs. having a "shout it out" auction).

In learning about other leagues whether it's from personal conversations with other owners or reading about leagues on-line, there are even more differences.

There's one league other there that not only crowns the champion, they have something special for the team that finishes in last.  The last place owner HAS to get a tatoo.  Has to get a tatto that is chosen by that year's league champion.  Personally speaking, with basically 30 years of futility under my belt, I am thrilled that the CFCL does not subscribe to this celebration.

Another league, with less damaging consequences, has the season's champion pick the avatar on the league website for the team that finished last.  I'm sure plenty of disgusting and embarrasing avatars have been chosen but certainly it's not as permanent as a tatoo.

Other leagues will fly out to Vegas for the weekend and have the draft.  That's not bad.  Actually it's pretty cool.  As we've seen in the CFCL the more time moves on and families grow and age finding a mere six hours to draft becomes a challenge, let alone a full weekend in Sin City.

One league out east has their draft on Sunday.  The day before they have a league golf outing.  That is a really cool idea.  Maybe as our kids get older and have fewer activities on the weekend, that is a tradition the CFCL can incorporate.

As it is, while the CFCL by the above standards is extremely tame, I think we've got some pretty cool traditions.  We have the Ruffin Privilege.  Each year at the draft we all sign the Baseball Trophy.  The CFCL Champion gets to sign the ball in the "place of honor" right below the Cubs logo.  We bid on players using pennies, rather than dollars like most leagues.

Other fantasy leagues may have the feel of Big City Crazy Party All Night, the CFCL is more the cottage in the country, enjoying each other's company and the subtleties of the game.

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