Monday, January 20, 2014

CFCL Banquet

At long last the CFCL celebrated their own post-season by gathering at HomeRun Inn in Darien, IL, handing out awards, reliving the 2013 season and crowning its newest champion.

No, we usually don't hold the banquet this late in the off-season.  We typically try to meet during the baseball playoffs.  This year, however, the Commissioner was ridiculously delinquent in putting together the ballot which caused a delay in the voting which caused a delay in the printing of the awards, which cause the CFCL to meet for the banquet in mid-January.

This week we will be going down memory lane to relive special moments of the CFCL banquet.  Yes, believe it or not, there have been memorable events at the CFCL banquet, including one in which the police were called.  There, that should have you coming back each day.

For now, we celebrate the reason for the season - crowning the latest CFCL Champion.

Matt Grage, owner of the Graging Bulls, holding the Copperfield Trophy.  This was the Bulls' first championship in their fourteen year existence.

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