Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Faces of the CFCL

Thanks to League Photographer and Archivist David Mahlan, we were able to capture some close up pictures of the current local owners of the CFCL.  Unfortunately, not all CFCL owners were able to attend.  Not pictured below were Mike Bentel (Twin Killers), Dave Holian (David's Ruffins), Nick Hansen (Eukennott Beatniks) and Kenn Ruby (Kenndoza Line).  All four selfishly decided that travelling a hundreds or thousands of miles to Chicago for a few hours of pizza eating and beer swilling wasn't an efficient use of their time and money.  Go figure.

Below are the local faces of the CFCL and a little bit about their team history.
Matt Bentel - owner of the DoorMatts.  Joined the CFCL in 1994 and still looks frustrated for tying with the Kenndoza Line for first in 2009 and ultimately finshing in 2nd due to tie-breaker rules.
Mike Coulter (in red) - owner of Candy Colored Clowns.  Joined the CFCL in 2008 and won his first championship five years later (2012).  Also is our savior in handling all transactions and issues with our statistics at
Matt Grage - owner of Graging Bulls.  Joined the CFCL in 2000.  Celebrated his first CFCL title in 2013 (and only his second money finish).  Matt also provides all the owners with the Master Draft List on Draft Day that saves us tons of time.
Tim Morkert - owner of Morkertzuma's Revenge.  Tim joined the CFCL in 2008.  Here Tim looks like he has a concerned look on his face as he reflects back to 2011 and his oh-so-close run for the title.  "Dammit Brad Lincoln!  I hate you!"  A commissioner and owner in a fantasy baseball league in San Francisco, Tim has been a long standing member of the CFCL's Executive Committee.

Pat Chesnut (left), Matthew Barriball (right) - co-owners of Hey Patta Matta Swing.  Pat and Matthew joined the CFCL this off-season and will enjoy their first season in 2014.  They have previous fantasy baseball experience and, based on their conversations and e-mails, bring a ton of game.  This is the future face of the CFCL.

Rich Bentel - owner of Dem Rebels.  Rich is the last remaining original owner (1984).  In 30 years of ownership, the Rebels have performed poorly with only seven money finishes (two championships).  Rich also took over full Commissioner responsibilities when the Copperfields retired in 2010 as well as League Secretary responsibilities circa 2009 in a failed effort to keep the Copperfields around forever.

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