Sunday, January 5, 2014

Draft Day Cat Nap

NFL Countdown analyst Mike Ditka recently took some good-natured ribbing for falling asleep while on live television:

This brought to mind one of the more notorious incidents in CFCL History:  the time ForGoetz Me Nots owner, Dave Goetz, actually dozed off during the 1999 CFCL Draft.

Draft Day is legendary for being a grueling marathon requiring super-human endurance and a consistent focus beyond the realm of normal human ability. That said, in the CFCL’s first 30 years, this was the only time an owner actually fell asleep mid-Draft.

The incident occurred only 2 hours into the auction. Da Paul Meisters had just acquired Jerry DiPoto, and after recording the transaction on his draft sheet, Dave – either by choice or from sheer exhaustion - closed his eyes and zoned out.

In all likelihood, Dave probably would have snapped out of it without anyone noticing once Rich started reviewing the players needed/money left for each team. However, before Rich began the recap I passed Jerry DipPoto’s Draft Day Poker card down the table toward the Meisters’ owner. Six Packs’ owner Kelly took the card and held it out toward Dave Goetz expecting him to grab it and pass it on down. When Dave didn’t respond, Kelly called his name and startled him awake.

To Dave’s credit, he made a quick, nonchalant recovery, but Kelly had noticed his nap and was quick to make sure the rest of the table knew about it as well. Let’s go to the video…

To top things off, Kelly was also running the Draft Day Kangaroo Court that year. Kelly was sure to levy a hefty fine against Dave for his breech of Draft Day etiquette.

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