Thursday, May 30, 2013

Meet Clark Kents

Tom Clark was a classmate of the Ruffins, Rebels and Copperfields at OPRF as well as a teammate on many recreational softball teams.  Tom didn't join the CFCL until well after high school, however, coming on board in 1992 and staying with the league for four years.  His high-water mark was 3rd place in 1994, his only money place finish.  In additional to participating in fantasy baseball and playing recreational softball, Tom umpired a lot of games for the local leagues.  He also is one of the chief architects of one of the most memorable Incidents in CFCL history.

It's time now to meet Clark Kents.

Q1. How did you come to join the CFCL?

I cannot recall the specifics, but I believe Dave Holian invited me to fill an opening in your league. Dave and I had been members of fantasy baseball league that folded after only one season, and he must have seen me as an owner who would not threaten his chances to win.

Q2. Did you have previous fantasy baseball experience? Have you since?

After leaving the CFCL, I was a co-owner of a fantasy team for one season in the mid 90s, but no longer consider myself a baseball fan. I'm not sure if it was the addition of the wildcard and inter-league play, the season-ending strike in 1994, the McGuire-Sosa theatrics, the resulting steroid-fueled Bonds home run chase, the all-star game becoming so insignificant that a tie-game became an acceptable result, or the requirement to watch four-hour baseball games from late March into early November, but somewhere along the way I stopped caring. I have not watched a pitch of Cubs baseball all season.

Q3. It’s been 18 years since you resigned from the league. Do you have any specific memories?

My lasting memory of the league is that Dave Mahlan brought not one, but two three-ring binders to the draft; a sign that I was out of my league.

Q4. Your team name certainly had a “super” feel to it. Were you a Superman fan or did you think that Clark Addisons was too obvious of a team name?

From your question, I assume my team name was the Clark Kents. I remember debating whether my team name should be the Clark Kents or the Clark Bars. While I am not a fan of the Superman franchise, I think I was hoping my players would perform like "supermen."

Q5. At the draft you would often sit next to the Ruffins and look over their shoulder at their draft information. Was this a strategy to get in the head of the Ruffins or was it your form of draft prep?

I'm sure I sat next to the Ruffins so I could make sarcastic comments about the other owners without anyone of them hearing.

Q6. Are you aware that you were a part of the greatest video moment in CFCL history? (hint: it was the Darryl Strawberry Incident) Do you remember it?

I have no recollection of the Darryl Strawberry incident, but I am happy to have left a legacy.

Q7. Since leaving the CFCL you have established a successful law practice in Oak Park. How long have you been practicing and what is your specialty?

In my practice, which I started in 2009, I concentrate on wills, trusts, and special needs planning. My focus on special needs planning, which involves helping parents meet the current and future needs of their disabled children, is the product of my son being diagnosed with Autism.

Wishing the league another 30 years!

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  1. Great to hear from Tom - always an entertaining guy to have at the Draft. It's funny he mentioned wavering between the Clark Kents and Clark Bars as a team name. I recall it took him a number of weeks after joining the league to decide, then when he finally settled on Kents, I made a big deal of announcing it in a league bulletin ... but announced "Bars" as the selected name, and ended up having to print a correction the following week.