Monday, May 20, 2013

Mr. Holian Goes To Washington

In an earlier post I had listed some things that are unique about the CFCL.  I heard back from some owners listing things I missed (i.e. the categories we use to keep score, etc).  Well another big thing I missed is the maniacal attitude our owners have about their teams.  There are many examples, but one from last year stands out.

August 1st was our trade deadline last season.  In the five days leading up to the deadline, seven trades were completed, including the final one four minutes before the deadline.  Maniacal you say?  Sure if you’re a mere mortal fantasy league.  It’s the last trade of 2012 that sets the CFCL apart from the rest.

The Candy Colored Clowns and Ruffins were working on a deal.  I don’t recall how long the discussions had been going on, but it was crunch time and a deal needed to be completed before noon Central time.  In a flurry of texts or e-mails via IPhone, the Ruffins traded Emelio Bonafacio and Ryan Hannigan to the Clowns for Yasmani Grandal and Jean Segura.  Big deal?  This helped fuel the Clowns run to the title and set up the Ruffins with some production in the oncoming years.  But the kicker is still to come.

The Ruffins sent a quick, almost terse e-mail reporting the deal that in part said “can’t go into detail.  I’ll explain later.”

Later came the e-mail stating that his wife is certain the Dave is bats**t crazy because at 11:56 Central time he was completing a deal on his IPhone.  Ok, wives can be less than understanding about the needs of a CFCL owner.  But Heather had good reason to make that claim.  This picture accompanied the Ruffins e-mail.

Dave was consummating the deal with the Clowns while sitting just a few feet from First Lady Michelle Obama!  Mrs. Obama was at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro to address an audience and our own Professor was on the stage in the seats of the Hoity Toity.  Rather than soak in the atmosphere leading up to her speech, our beloved Professor was furious typing away on his phone.

Some comments from the league in response to his e-mail.

Matt Grage:  I have this image of Dave sitting there with his thumbs punching furiously at his phone and his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth like Linus from the Peanuts.

The rest of the league chimed in with various comments about how many Secret Service Agents were closing in on the stage with their weapons drawn to take out the guy who was clearly texting his associates on the movements of the First Lady.

That is what being an owner in the CFCL is all about.

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