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This Week In CFCL History

Here’s a look at this week in CFCL history, covering the dates May 12 to May 18.
May 12, 1987 PENGUINS trade Casey Candaele to COPPERFIELDS for Tracy Woodson and a 1987 waiver pick.
The Penguins had to choose between waving Stan Jefferson (returning from injury) or Jefferson’s replacement, Candaele. He swapped Candaele for Woodson and immediately waived Woodson to activate Jefferson. The Copperfields, in turn pick up the mighty Casey for a waiver pick.
May 13, 1997 DOORMATTS trade Fernando Valenzuela to DEM REBELS for Pat Listach.
The Bentel cousins combine on a blockbuster. It’s probably safe to say this deal didn’t have a huge impact on either team’s 1997 fortunes. Post-trade stats:

Valenzuela – 6.16 ERA - 1.84 RAT - 1 W - 0 SV
Listach - .178 BA - 0 HR - 2 RBI - 0 SB

May 13, 1997 FLATFEET trade Darryl Kile to DEM REBELS for Bobby Bonilla.
The Rebels’ second trade of the day, this one is also a family affair, as Rich teams up with his brother-in-law, the owner of the Flatfeet. A swap of hitting for pitching that worked out well for both teams: 

Kile – 2.61 ERA – 1.18 RAT – 17 W – 0 SV
Bonilla - .300 BA – 17 HR – 80 RBI – 3 SB

May 13, 1999 SIX PACKS trade JD Drew to RUFFINS for Ellis Burks, Matt Mantei, Omar Daal, F Cordova, and their 1st round Rotation Draft pick in 2000.
The Ruffin-Six Pack pipeline remains open for a second week. Another deal that looks like a dump trade for the Ruffins, but they were only 6.5 points out of the money at the time of the trade. In the last two weeks, 14 players and 4 draft picks have changed hands between the Ruffins and Six Packs, with the Six Packs acquiring almost half the Ruffins’ 23-man active roster:   
  • Ryan Klesko
  • Ray Lankford
  • Ellis Burks
  • Barry Larkin
  • Greg Myers
  • Matt Mantei
  • Omar Daal
  • Francisco Cordova
  • Dave Veres
  • Juan Acevedo

May 14, 1986 FRIARS trade Enos Cabell and Carlos Diaz to BALD EAGLES for Rick Aguilera and Ray Knight.
Another one of those shuffling-of-players-to-make-other-moves deals that were a hallmark of the CFCL’s early years when you could only acquire a free agent by reserving an injured player, and had to waive the replacement or the player coming off the DL.

The Eagles dumped Cabell in order to activate Bill Madlock and reserved the injured Diaz in order to call Rick Rhoden from the Free Agent Pool. The Friars immediately waived Aguilera (claiming Danny Cox on waivers).

May 15, 2000 PICTS trade Jason Kendall and Mike Williams to RUFFINS for Chad Hermansen (RL), Octavio Dotel (RL), and Milton Bradley (RL). 
Rebuilding trade for the Picts, while the Ruffins – in 4th place at the time of the trade – pick up some useful parts for a title run. Post-trade stats for the Ruffins’ acquisitions:

Kendall: .319 BA – 13 HR – 51 RBI – 14 SB
Williams: 3.95 ERA – 1.42 RAT – 2 W – 18 SV

May 16, 1989 PICKS trade Mike Marshall, Ron Jones (RL) and Kelly Downs (RL) to LAMBCHOPS for Brett Butler and David West (ML).
The Picks had acquired Marshall from the Copperfields just a week earlier, and in a second trade made that same day, dealt Vince Coleman to the Ruffins. Swapping Marshall for Butler allowed them to get a little of that speed back.
May 17, 1988 CROCKETTS trade Les Lancaster, Roger McDowell, and a 1988 waiver pick to BALD EAGLES for Mike Krukow, Kent Tekulve, and Joe Magrane (RL).
May 17, 1988 COPPERFIELDS trade Mark Davis, Mike Dunne, and John Shelby (RL) to PICKS for Randy Myers, Bob Ojeda, Buddy Bell (RL) and Damon Berryhill (ML).
The Copperfields begin to make their move in what would prove to be their third consecutive championship season, completing three trades in a day. Berryhill would be immediately sent to Dem Rebels in the following trade and Bell would be sent to the Ruffins the following week.
May 17, 1988 COPPERFIELDS trade Frank DiPino, Danny Cox (RL) and Damon Berryhill (ML) to DEM REBELS for John Smiley, Greg Mathews (RL) and Brad Brink (ML).
Dem Rebels were in first place at the time of this deal, leading the third place Copperfields by 12 points.

DiPino: 5.25 ERA – 1.49 RAT – 2 W – 5 SV
Cox – 3.51 ERA – 1.29 RAT – 1 W – 0 SV
Berryhill - .260 BA – 7 HR – 37 RBI – 1 SB

Brink would be traded back to the Rebels later in the season, who would in turn send him to the Six Packs in an off-season deal.

May 17, 1988 COPPERFIELDS trade Darnell Coles, John Smiley, and Greg Mathews (RL) to SIX PACKS to Keith Moreland and Floyd Youmans.
The Copperfields had just acquired Smiley and Mathews from the Rebels earlier in the day, as they continue to shuffle pieces.  

Not done shuffling, the following week they would package Buddy Bell (acquired earlier in the day) with Youmans in a deal with the Ruffins. 

Of the 9 players acquired by the Copperfields on this day, only Ojeda and Myers would finish the season with the team.

May 17, 2010 GRAGING BULLS trade Drew Stubbs, Giancarlo “Mike” Stanton, and the Bulls 13th round Rotation Draft pick in 2011 to DEM REBELS for Hiroki Kuroda, Wandy Rodriguez, and Derek Lowe.
I wish I had the standings from this period so I could see where each team stood at the time. It looks to be a rebuilding trade for the Rebels, but both Stubbs and Stanton (who was still in the minors at the time of the deal) had solid offensive production after the trade: 

Stubbs: .345 OBA – 183 TB – 70 RS – 59 RBI – 22 SB
Stanton: .326 OBA – 182 TB – 45 RS – 59 RBI – 7 SB

Stubbs did most of his damage for the Candy Colored Clowns, though, after the Rebels sent him there in late June. 

The Bulls were apparently in the hunt for starting pitching, and the package they got from the Rebels delivered: 

Kuroda: 3.62 ERA – 1.13 RAT – 3.49 K/BB
Lowe: 3.47 ERA – 1.31 RAT – 2.92 K/BB
Rodriguez: 3.38 ERA – 1.21 RAT – 2.80 K/BB 

Sorry – doesn’t provide Quality Starts (what’s up with that?), but based on the stats above, my guess is that the trio racked up a bunch of them.

May 18, 2008 KENNDOZA LINE trade Jim Edmonds to RED HOTS for Pat Misch.
A rare misstep for Kenndoza Line? In their defense, Edmonds was hitting .182 with a single HR at the time of the trade, but hit 19 HR with 49 RBI for the Red Hots after the trade. 

Misch had a 5.27 ERA at the time of the trade, and was even worse after it, putting up a 6.48 mark before the Line cut him to acquire Russ Springer.


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