Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CFCL Owners of 1998

Pictured from left: Ken Welsch (Welsch's Flatfeet), Rich Bentel (Dem Rebels), Matt Bentel (DoorMatts), Eric Lamb (Lambchops), Dave Goetz (ForGoetzMeNots), Steve Donaldson (Steve's Slackers), Paul Zeledon (Da Paul Meisters), Kelly Barone (Six Packs), David Mahlan (David's Copperfields), Dave Holian (and eventual 2008 CFCL Champion David's Ruffins).

1998 saw nine returning owners and one new owner.  Steve Donaldson (Steve's Slackers) worked as an advisor at the same firm as myself so I was able to convince him to join the CFCL, replacing Bowser's Big Dogs.  The Copperfields narrowly missed repeating as CFCL champion (finishing in 2nd by 1.5 points).  Instead the crown went to David's Ruffins, winning their first title in their 13th season.  No doubt the Six Packs will want to take credit as a "lucky talisman" since they have their arm draped over Holian for this picture.

Again we stood in still in front of the video camera to capture our group shot and we drafted in somewhat corporate opulance in Lombard.  Happily there would be no owner changes after the 1998 season, all 10 owners would return for 2009.

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