Sunday, September 8, 2013

CFCL Teams in Living Color

I have mentioned numerous times during the posts of the Owner Q&A that we have currently and in the past many, many talented owners.  From the Q&A itself you have been able to realize just how talented many of our owners are with the written word and dry wit.  Today we are showcasing the amazing talent of one particular owner.

If you took the time to visit our CFCL Clubhouse you saw that a few owners posted a Team Logo (such as the one the Ruffins created at the link above).  I took another route.  I enlisted the amazing creativity and computer talent of Nick Hansen (a.k.a.  Head Beatnik).  "Enlisted" may be a bit generous.  It was more like "DEMANDED".  "I don't care about work, personal life, sleep!  Make me a logo!"  Ok, maybe not that bad, but I was persistent.

Well, persistency pays off.  Nick designed a few looks before we hit the jackpot.  Here are a couple of the early versions.

 Not bad.  Actually I liked it, but it needed something more.

Again, pretty cool.  I remember being torn about the coloration among these first three.

Cool, like the first two, but not quite it.

It certainly grabs the essence of Dem Rebels being based out of Fort Payne, Alabama.  And while this is simply a silly attempt to picturize a fantasy baseball team, I'm disturbed by the historical message the flag is giving.  Had to say no.

This one is nice.  It might be a nice emblem for a cap or maybe the road uniform.  But the next logo was the winner and all credit for creativity and execution goes to Nick.  (**I'm not being effusive with my praise because the Rebels are about to pass the Beatniks like a nitrogas infused Mustang passes a turtle.  Nick really did an amazing job.**)

This is it.  Like a woman who know she's found her wedding dress, this is the logo of Dem Rebels.  Perfect in every way.

Nick was even willing to do some work on spec.  He created this for the Graging Bulls.  No word on whether Matt incorporated this into his team's look.

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