Thursday, October 3, 2013

2013 - What Could Have Been

Kenn Ruby, while waiting for the CFCL Awards Ballot to come out, played with the rosters and numbers to create - well he does a great job of explaining what he did and how he did it.  Suffice to say, he created a team that could have caused all of us to be playing for second.
Thanks Kenn!
I wanted to see if I could construct a winning team out of players that were available on draft day at their prices. So I didn't include anyone kept (and just because I felt like it, I also didn't include anyone that went in the rotation draft) and constructed a team that, if you came into the draft with no keepers, you could have bought and it would have won the league. And it cost exactly $2.60 (and for those of you nitpicking, yes, technically I should have added 23 cents to this total because this fantasy team would have had to outbid the winning bids, but do I really need to do that? Come on...I'm just having fun here).
Anyway, here's the roster you could have had six months ago. It may not look that great on the surface, but it's solid top to bottom and includes some stars and some cheapies:
C - Jon Lucroy (14)
C - Evan Gattis (1)
1B - Michael Young (11)
3B - Hanley Ramirez (21)
CI - Todd Helton (3)
2B - Daniel Murphy (13)
SS - Ian Desmond (28)
MI - Daniel Descalso (1)
OF - Shin-Soo Choo (28)
OF - Hunter Pence (21)
OF - Michael Cuddyer (20)
OF - Jayson Werth (16)
OF - Eric Young (1)
UT - Matt Adams (1)
P - Cliff Lee (41)
P- Zach Greinke (18)
P - Mike Minor (7)
P - Ricky Nolasco (6)
P - Mark Melancon (4)
P - Hyun-Jin Ryu (2)
P - Matt Belisle (1)
P - Heath Bell (1)
P - Trevor Rosenthal (1)
You might say...that team has Todd Helton on it! Daniel Descalso, really? Heath Bell sucks!
However, This team would amass...
926 runs (first)
899 RBI (second)
2993 TB (second)
173 SB (first)
.344 OBP (first)
101 QS (sixth)
120 H+S (tied for fourth)
3.12 ERA (first)
1.135 WHIP (first)
4.182 K/BB (first)
That's 89 1/2 points. Not bad. It would be even better if I had taken eligible players from the reserve draft, like Jose Fernandez, Tony Cingrani, and Pat Corbin, although there weren't many good eligible offensive options.
So next time you think you have no good keepers, remember that you can build a team from nothing and dominate the league! Or something like that

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