Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Award for Best Offense

Sticking with our 1984 awards, one of the two that we haven't highlighted yet is Best Offense.  Unlike the recent posts about Steal of the Year and Best Free Agent Acquisition, this is simply a numerical calculation.  There is no voting involved.  The team that earns the most points with their offense is winner of Best Offense.

As you look through the previous winners you will see some increase and decrease in the winning point totals.  That comes from a couple of sources.  First, the number of teams in the league has shifted from six to ten to twelve and back again.  So if we have twelve teams in the league there are 12 points available in each offensive category.  Additionally we started the league with four offensive categories (batting average, home runs, RBI and stolen bases).  Eventually we switched to what we felt were categories that were more representative of what it took to put together a complete, solid team.  So we changed our categories to Total Bases, On Base Percentage, Runs, RBI and Stolen Bases.  With five categories instead of four, there are more offensive points in play as well.

Here are the past winners of Best Offense.

1984 David's Copperfields 38 points
1985 David's Copperfields 34 points
1986 David's Copperfields 35 points
1987 David's Copperfields 38 points
1988 David's Copperfields 36 points
1989 David's Copperfields 37 points
1990 Eric's Lambchops 35 points
1991 Eric's Lambchops 35 points
1992 David's Copperfields 38 points
1993 David's Copperfields
Clark's Kents
35 points
1994 Eric's Lambchops 30 points
1995 David's Ruffins 36 points
1996 Dem Rebels 39 points
1997 David's Ruffins
David's Copperfields
34 points
1998 David's Ruffins 36 points
1999 David's Copperfields 37 points
2000 David's Copperfields 45 points
2001 David's Copperfields 44 points
2002 Eric's Lambchops 43 points
2003 Reservoir Dogs 58 points
2004 David's Copperfields 55 points
2005 David's Copperfields 57 points
Reservoir Dogs
2006 David's Ruffins 59 points
2007 Davids Copperfields 50 points
2008 Steve's Stones 54 points
2009     Graging Bulls                 47 points
2010     David's Ruffins               48 points
2011     Morkertzuma's Revenge   45 points
2012     Dem Rebels                     44.5 points

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