Wednesday, October 9, 2013

CFCL Owners of 1993

Picture from left:  Rich Bentel (Dem Rebels), Tom Clark (Clark Kents), Dave Holian (David's Ruffins), Eric Lamb (Lambchops), Kelly Barone (Six Packs), Paul Zeledon (Da Paul Meisters), Pat McGuire (Twin Picks), David Mahlan (and eventual 1993 CFCL Champion David's Copperfields).

1993 saw all 1992 owners returning.  We were supposed to be nine owners, but a vile, despicable scum changed his mind at the last minute and didn't have the courtesy to let us know.  As a result, a draft that was supposed to begin around 7pm didn't start until almost 9pm and as a further result, didn't end until the wee hours of Saturday morning. 

Dave Holian of the Ruffins graciously provided the location for our draft and, when the hours became later and later, led us in our first International Incident in CFCL history, The Orestes Destrade Incident.

The Copperfields would end up winning their second title in a row and sixth overall.  At the end of the season, the Picks resign, but the remaining seven owners would continue as a core for the next two years.

Oh, almost forgot.  Also pictured in the back on the left, ominously hovering over Eric Lamb was a balloon representation of Bob Monroe (former owner of the Bald Eagles).  As has been chronicled, the Bald Eagles were part of the CFCL from 1986-1991.  For a few years after Bob left, we blew up a balloon, drew a beard and glasses on it in an effort to make it feel like Bob was still around.  At this particular draft, I believe the balloon took its fair share of punishment as the hours dragged on into early Saturday morning.  There is no empirical evidence as to the negative influence of Bob the Balloon, but Eric and Kelly (seated closest to Bob) finished 7th and 8th respectively.

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