Saturday, October 19, 2013

Off-Season Agendas

I am sure this is the case for most leagues.  During the off-season it is time to look back on the accomplishments of the recently completed season (the CFCL does that by sending out an Awards Ballot - the categories have been mentioned previously and will be further examined later this weekend and next week) as well as address items for the upcoming season.

The CFCL is no different.  Having completed our 30th year of competition we are in the throes of potential change moving in to 2014.  We already know that one of our teams resigned (the Stranger Danger informed us that life was getting too busy with two young children and wanted to resign in fairness to the remaining owners).  So we have to find a replacement.

Well, we don't HAVE to but 10 is a nice solid number of owners to have.  Nine owners would make it feel like one of our front teeth were missing. 

But throughout the season we had toyed with the idea of expansion and moving up to twelve teams.  We had twelve teams for nine seasons (2000-2008) but we also had 16 National League teams to draw from.  With Bud Dumber moving the Astros to the AL, we have 25 fewer active players to put on our rosters.

So there's a diluted talent pool to consider.  We also want to make sure we don't run into the Danger-ous situation again of having an owner (or multiple new owners) come into the league and not be able to commit to the rigors of a long season.

And that's the tough part.  Whenever we talk to someone mildly interested in fantasy baseball it's like going on a first date.  All the positive things are talked about.  But inevitably once the season starts the dirty socks and toe-nail clippings are left on the floor and everyone feels had.

We are in the process of figuring this out.  If you would like to see the behind the scenes badinage and bickering, you can tap into it here.

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