Sunday, October 27, 2013

Best Free Agent Acquisition

In continuing our look at the CFCL Post Season Awards we come to Best Free Agent Acquisition. This award was also established back in our inaugural season and had a lot to do with the fact that all Original 6 owners were Cub fans. 1984 was magical beyond the fact that the CFCL was born. That was the year that the Cubs finally made the post-season for the first time since 1945.

A common thread among CFCL owners and real life GMs life Dallas Green is that we are constantly trying to improve our team during the season. One way for a CFCL owner to do that is by acquiring a National League player that isn't currently on a CFCL roster. That can come about a couple of ways. One is that the player was never selected at the draft or in the reserve rounds. It's also possible that the player became available when they were traded from the American League to the National League.

As we have gone to great lengths to point out, the CFCL is very deep in talent with our owners. A lot of guys know a lot of stuff. Even with all that knowledge, we miss things. We don't anticipate who the next break out star will be who is languishing on the bench as of Draft Day. We realize Giancarlo Stanton (Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg) is supposed to be the Rookie of the Year but we miss the Chris Coghlan's of the world. Here is a list of past winners and the team that chose them.

As you look at the list some guys seem obvious. Rick Sutcliffe is famous for joining the Cubs mid-season and going 16-1. He wasn't available at the draft so that's why he could be picked up during the season. Some other guys (Tom Browning, Tom Glavine, David Cone, Gene Garber) were either not the player they eventually came to be OR were available in all their glory on Draft Day but weren't needed. Remember the CFCL didn't start out playing with 17 man reserve lists from the beginning. If we had seven CFCL teams and only needed nine pitchers (total of 63), that left A LOT of talent out there just waiting to be scooped up.

1984 Rick Sutcliffe Fred's Friars
1985 Tom Browning Dem Rebels
1986 Gene Garber Bald Eagles
1987 Greg Dunne David's Copperfields
1988 David Cone Bald Eagles
1989 Mark Langston Six Packs
1990 Hal Morris David's Copperfields
1991 Tom Glavine Mr. Paul's Swordfish
1992 Moises Alou David's Ruffins
1993 Kirk Rueter David's Copperfields
1994 John Hudek David's Copperfields
1995 Mark Whiten David's Copperfields
1996 Jermaine Dye David's Ruffins
1997 Rich Loiselle DoorMatts
1998 Kerry Ligtenberg Eric's Lambchops
1999 Todd Ritchie DoorMatts
2000 Jeff D'Amico David's Copperfields
2001 Vinnie Castilla Steve's Stones
2002 Scott Stewart David's Copperfields
2003 Scott Podsednick Dem Rebels
2004 Milton Bradley Steve's Stones
2005 Randy Winn Reservoir Dogs
2006 Brandon Phillips David's Ruffins
2007 Brad Hennessey David's Ruffins
2008 CC Sabathia Mo's Red Hots
2009     Chris Coghlan           Revenge
2010     John Axford              DoorMatts
2011     Antonio Bastardo      DoorMatts
2012     Jason Grilli                Beatniks

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