Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meet the Flatfeet

Back in 1996 the CFCL was looking to keep their ownership level at nine teams and we needed to replace the retiring Clark Kents.  We turned to my brother-in-law, Ken Welsch to get the job done.  Ken dove right in, naming his team appropriately and making CFCL video history with his "Bad Boy Dance".  That video will be coming to this blog in the near future.

Since Ken is a police officer, most owners enjoyed the opportunity rubbing elbows with him, thinking it may curry favor for future infractions with the law.  One owner was not intimidated by Ken's ability to legally carry a gun.

The Flatfeet were part of the CFCL from 1996-1999, reaching their high water mark of fifth place in 1998.  Even though he's a White Sox fan, Ken was one of the more enjoyable owners.

It's time to meet the Flatfeet:

You were part of the CFCL for four years (1996-1999).  Any specific memories?
Specific memories- was you inviting to participate in the league even though I am an American League fan, Rich. Thanks for the invite I had a great time. I wish that you had invited me earlier
You’re a police officer of almost 30 years.  I’m assuming that’s where your team name “Welsch’s Flatfeet” came from?
Yep the whole "Flatfeet" thing was police related slang, even though I never had to walk a beat, suburban cops really don't walk much. If I had to name my team again now, they would be called the Motor Cops.
Even though you had a relatively short run in the league, you were part of two iconic draft moments.  Video of the Bad Boy Dance will be posted later.  Do you remember breaking out into the dance at the draft?
Honestly I did not remember the Bad Boy dance until you reminded me, Thanks Rich!
The other occurred when you kept jumping the gun (you should pardon the expression) and made bids out of turn.  Eventually a frustrated Da Paul Meister yelled at you “Wait your turn, boy!”  How close were you to taking him out?
Ha! Yes, Paul came dangerously close to getting socked, I mean come on man are you going to bid on this guy or what!!!!
You were a Sox fan competing in a Cub Fan Club League.  Did that cause any concern for you?
Black and White in a Blue and Red league no real concerns there, we all love the sport baseball kicks ass.
Did you have a favorite player that you owned?
I would have to say catcher Charles Edward Johnson, he sticks out the most in my head, as I try to remember who I had on my team.
Do you participate in any fantasy sports currently?
Yes I currently participate in fantasy sports: Baseball, Hockey, and Football. Mainly just the free public leagues on Yahoo.

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