Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Owners of the CFCL 2010

Pictured from left: Mike Coulter (Candy Colored Clowns), Bob Boryca (Mo's Red Hots), Tim Morkert (Morkertzuma's Revenge), Rich Bentel (Dem Rebels), Matt Grage (Graging Bulls), Dave Holian [kneeling and eventual 2010 CFCL Champion] (David's Ruffins), Matt Bentel (DoorMatts), Mike Bentel (Twin Killers), David Mahlan (David's Copperfields), Kenn Ruby (Kenndoza Line).
This was an interesting year.  It was to be the end of an era as Original Six Owner, League Founder, Co-Commissioner, League Historian, League Secretary and eleven time champion David Mahlan would retire at the end of the season.
It was the first of two years that we had to scramble for a draft location.  Bob Boryca came through big time, finding a room for us to draft in at Plainfield North High School.  Interestingly, in those two non-coporate room drafting environments, the Ruffins laid the groundwork to capture back-to-back titles.
This was also the first year for the Twin Killers.  With Mike joining the league, the CFCL was comprised of 30% Bentels, still well behind the CFCL record of 50% saturation the Mahlans achieved in 1984.

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  1. And yet Grages comprise only 10% of the league. I plan on remedying that unfortunate situation by bringing in my 11 year old nephew into the league next year ...