Monday, June 24, 2013

The Natural Day

June 23, 1984.  The day Ryne Sandberg became a national phenom.  This is also the inspiration that Matt Bentel and I had for the second of the CFCL's special days.  KWood Day was the first.  We decided that since our standings are divided between offense and pitching, we should have an offense special day to couterbalance KWood pitching.

And thus The Natural Day was born.  Every June 23rd, the winner of the other $25 gift card is the team with the most Total Bases+Runs+RBI.  Ryne Sandberg all by himself amassed a total of 20 by going five for six, 7 RBI, 2 Runs and 11 Total Bases including two homeruns off of Bruce Sutter.

The first year (2011) the Ruffins won.  Last year Morkertzuma's Revenge completed the Special Day Sweep by winning both KWood Day and Natural Day.

This post clipped past the midnight hour as I was hoping to officially include the 2013 winner.  The Sunday Night Game of the Week between Texas and St. Louis was delayed by rain and is still in the 8th inning.  But it looks like the DoorMatts completed their sweep of the Special Days this year as they lead the Ruffins 53 to 48. 

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