Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Professor Goes To Washington

This has been a blog about the history of the CFCL.  Well sometimes unique events happen in real time and we don't have to go back and dig through the archives.  Tuesday is a case in point.

Normally at this time of the year, The Professor (owner of David's Ruffins) takes a summer sabbatical and heads over to Italy with his wife to stay at George Clooney's estate on Lake Como.  This year, instead of flying across the pond, The Professor and Lady Ruffin headed up the coast to Washington DC to hang out with President Obama and be personal guests of the First Family.

Tuesday night they took in a Nationals/Mets game.  The first text I received had this picture attached:

And this caption:  Fun fact:  David Wright has spent his entire career as a Ruffin -- and, less importantly, a Met. (He freakin' got plunked right after I took this pic.)

I responded that I loved the picture and based on the proximity to the field, he must be sitting in the Presidential Suite with the Obamas.  Ignoring me (for the moment) Dave then sent this picture, showing the traditional President's Race with a twist:

President's On Bikes!

Then Dave took the time to try and convince me he wasn't in preferred seating.  "And btw, I'm not sitting next to Barack.  I'm sitting next to Wm Howard Taft--if you know what I mean.  Dude's closing in on three bills.  I've got zero arm rest. Zero."  And apparently the Taft replica smelled of sauerkraut as well.

The Ruffins went to great lengths to try and prove the point that a bad day at the ballpark is still better than a good day at the office.  Finding mints on the pillow in the Lincoln Bedroom I'm sure made it a great evening.

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