Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meet Teddy's Splendid Splinters

Teddy Scott joined the CFCL back in 2004 and for four years ran Teddy's Splendid Splinters.  Unfortunately the Splinters had three second division finishes but they did leap to 2nd place in 2006.  An attorney by trade, Teddy had a keen eye for the Constitution and helped us identify some vagaries and loopholes along the way to make the CFCL an even more streamlined league.

In Teddy's last year he was part of a memorable draft that included the bidding on Alejandro De Aza.  Admittedly I had a lot of fun with the Monroe Doctrine that year, converting the U.S. Monetary System into "De Azas".

While Teddy was in the CFCL, he was one of the owners that completed a team profile. 

It's time to meet Teddy's Splendid Splinters.

How did you come to join the CFCL?

I was a member of a couple of other leagues, but the members of each league were spread around the country. I wanted to be a part of a Chicago-based league and I saw the request for new members on an internet forum (BaseballHQ, as I recall). The more I learned about the league, the more I wanted to be a part because of how serious everyone seemed to take the league.

Where did your team name (Teddy’s Splendid Splinters) come from?

I am a "numbers" guy not a "creative" guy, so I have always struggled to come up with the catchy, clever names for a team. This (failed) attempt was based on myself ("Teddy") being named after Ted Williams.

What do you remember from your four years in the league?

I remember (and miss) more than anything the annual draft. How much did Dave Holian bid me up to on DeAza? I still remember the sense of relief on his face when I walked away the "winner."

Did you have fantasy experience before you joined the CFCL? Have you participated in any since?

I continue to play in my other long-running leagues.

Do you remember any specifics about your team that finished second in 2006?

More than anything, I remember the couple of years before the 2006 as I was purposefully building a team to compete a couple of years after my initial team.

Who was your favorite player to own?

Chase Utley comes to mind as my favorite, but there are probably others I should remember.

Where has life’s road taken you since you left the league in 2007?

I'm still active in a couple of fantasy leagues (baseball only) and busy with my law practice, but I now have four kids (8, 6, 4 and 1 1/2) and spend all possible time with the kids. One of my favorites, so far, is being a tee-ball coach for the past three years.

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