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This Week In CFCL History

Better late than never, here’s a look at this week(ish) in CFCL history, covering the dates June 16 to June 22.

June 16, 1987 BALD EAGLES trade John Shelby to RUFFINS for Mike Diaz.
A deal between a first place team (Eagles) and a last place team (Ruffins). 

Huge, huge edge for the Ruffins in this one. Shelby hit .281 with 17 HR, 56 RBI, and 14 SB for them, while Diaz provided the Eagles with just a .220 BA with 6 HR and 27 RBI. 

To top it off, the Ruffins were able to package Shelby in an off-season deal with the Copperfields which netted them Ryne Sandberg, Ron Darling, Rick Aguilera, and Shane Rawley. 

If this was indicative of the moves the Bald Eagles were making during the 1987 season they fell to second place by the season’s end.
June 16, 2005 HOT SLUDGE SUNDAE trade Mike Gonzalez and their 5th round Rotation Draft pick in 2006 to KENNDOZA LINE for Termell Sledge, Kyle Davies, and their 10th round Rotation Draft pick in 2006.
June 17, 2000 HARD HATS trade Mike Hampton, Antonio Alfonseca, and their 3rd round Rotation Draft pick in 2001 to DEM REBELS for Kirk Rueter, Hee Seop Choi, and Travis Dawkins.
Hampton carried a .29 price tag, so he didn’t fit in the rebuilding plans of the last place Hard Hats, so they shipped him to the second place Rebels for the 4-cent Rueter and a couple minor leaguers. 

A couple of great pick-ups for the Rebels … post-trade stats: 

Hampton: 2.57 ERA – 1.21 RATIO – 9 W – 0 Sv
Alfonseca: 3.47 ERA – 1.38 RATIO – 3 W – 25 Sv 

Reuter was almost as good as Hampton the rest of the season, compiling a 3.89 ERA with 7 Wins.

The Hard Hats kept Dawkins through the 2001 season, but when he didn’t make it to the majors, they released him prior to the 2002 Draft. They kept Choi in their minor league season into the 2003 season, when they traded him back to the Rebels on July 5, 2003. 

This one’s interesting in that typically it’s the rebuilding team that gets a draft pick in a trade like this, but in this one it’s the Rebels who got the pick. They used it to select James Mouton in 2001.  
June 18, 1996 COPPERFIELDS trade Todd Zeile and Joe Oliver to SIX PACKS for Jeff Hamilton and Ken Ryan.
June 18, 2003 TENACIOUS B trade Alex Cintron and Guillermo Mota to SIX PACKS for Jimmy Rollins.
This one had to be a disappointment for Tenacious B, as Rollins had just a .318 OBP with 129 TB, 41 RS, 35 RBI and 12 SB after the trade.
June 18, 2006 RED HOTS trade Felipe Lopez, Derrick Turnbow, Todd Coffey, Ryan Shealy, and their 3rd round Rotation Draft pick in 2007 to STONES for Bobby Abreu, Geoff Jenkins, Adam Everett, Danny Kolb, and their 7th round Rotation Draft pick in 2007.
Mo’s Red Hots were at the top of the standings when they made this deal, and were looking to increase their lead. Everett and Kolb didn’t do much, but Abreu and Jenkins provided an offensive boost: 

Abreu: .402 OBP – 143 TB – 48 RS – 59 RBI – 17 SB
Jenkins: .384 OBP – 107 TB – 37 RS – 29 RBI – 1 SB 

A rebuilding deal for the Stones, they acquire three penny players (Lopez, Coffey, and Shealy and a 10-cent closer in Turnbow. 

The Stones cut Shealy and Turnbow prior to the 2007 Draft, but got contributions from Lopez (212 TB, 24 SB) and Coffey (6 HoSv). 

In the 2007 Rotation Draft, the Stones selected Heath Bell (2.02 ERA, 36 HoSv) with the Red Hots’ 3rd round pick, while the Hots used the Stones’ 7th rounder to select Jason Vargas (12.91 ERA in 10 IP).  
June 19, 1989 PICKS trade their 1st round minor league draft pick in 1990 to LAMBCHOPS for Nelson Santovenia.
The Picts, desperate for a catching upgrade over Benny Distefano, send a first round minor league pick to the Chops for back-up Santovenia. 

Santovenia gave them 1 HR and 8 RBI before July 17 when they were able to upgrade again, sending him to the Copperfields as part of a 8-player deal in which they acquired Jody Davis. 

Still, you have to wonder if the incremental upgrades were worth in when you consider the Lambchops used the draft pick they got in return for Santovenia to select Steve Avery. If only the Lambchops had kept him for more than one year…
June 19, 1990
COPPERFIELDS trade Daryl Boston, Kevin Bass, Phil Stephenson, Charlie Hayes, Bryn Smith, and Ty Griffin to SIX PACKS for Kevin McReynolds, Glenn Davis, Spike Owen, Zane Smith, and Andujar Cedeno.
The Copperfields trailed the Picks by 15 points on this date, and both teams made trades to boost their chances. 
The Copperfields got some power from McReynolds (14 HR, 48 RBI), but Davis got injured and fizzled (3 HR, 16 RBI). Zane Smith put up a 2.05 ERA and won 9 games for them. Owen was just a temporary fill-in, and the Coppers sent minor leaguer Cedeno to the Eagles in a deal a month later. 
Of the players they received in return, the rebuilding Six Packs kept only Charlie Hayes and minor leaguer Ty Griffin the following year.   
June 19, 1990 LAMBCHOPS trade Dickie Thon, Barry Bonds, John Smoltz, and Joe Magrane, to PICKS for Andres Thomas, Lenny Dykstra, Neal Heaton, and Jeff Brantley.
In this trade, made the same day as the one above, the league leading Picks get their windfall from the Lambchops. 

The Picks got solid contributions from everyone, including 7 HR and 29 RBI from Thon, 11 Wins and a 2.88 ERA from Smoltz, and 7 Wins and 2.96 ERA from Magrane. But Bonds was the big prize here: .288 BA, 22 HR, 66 RBI, and 35 SB for the Picks after they acquired him. 

The Lambchops did not keep a single player they received from the Picks in this deal. A rule at the time required that teams trading away a player in the final year of his contract had to receive another final-year player in return. Bonds and Magrane were in the last years of their contracts, so the Lambhchops had to take the final year Dykstra and Thomas in order to complete the deal. That left them with just Heaton and Brantley as building blocks for the future. They ended up trading Heaton to the Swordfish at the trading deadline and Brantley to the Copperfields after the season. 

Clearly the Picks made the better of the two trades on this day in 1990, but it wasn’t enough for them to hold their lead. They ended up losing 8 points over the rest of the season and ended up a point behind the 1990 Champion Copperfields.  
June 19, 2000 SIX PACKS trade Neifi Perez to DEM REBELS for their 5th round Rotation Draft pick in 2001.
The Rebels needed a some middle infield help, and Perez delivered, hitting .300 with 6 HR and 42 RBI following the trade. 

In 2001, the Six Packs selected Mark Leiter with the Rebels’ 5th round pick. In limited action, Leiter won 2 games with a 3.75 ERA.  
June 19, 2005 STONES trade Juan Pierre, Craig Biggio, and Trevor Hoffman to COPPERFIELDS for Juan Encarnacion, Andy Pettite, and Cory Lidle.
The Copperfields start to assemble the pieces for their 2005 Championship run, while the Stones pick up some building blocks. 

The deal pays off big-time for the Copperfields: 

Pierre: .344 OBP – 150 TB – 59 RS – 32 RBI – 42 SB
Biggio: .325 OBP – 169 TB – 58 RS – 43 RBI – 5 SB
Hoffman: 2.04 ERA – 1.08 RATIO – 3.20 K:BB – 0 QS – 26 HoSv 

The Stones ended up flipping Petitte to the contending Tenacious B at the trading deadline, and cut Lidle before the next season, but they got a decent 2006 out of Encarnacion.
June 20, 2000 DEM REBELS trade Rick Ankiel and their 7th round Rotation Draft pick in 2001 to RUFFINS for Gary Sheffield, Ray Lankford, Jason Kendall, and their 10th round Rotation Draft pick in 2001.
The second place Rebels were looking for hitting, and found it in a trio of Ruffins. Post-trade stats: 

Sheffield: .306 BA – 23 HR – 51 RBI – 3 SB
Lankford: .272 BA – 16 HR – 38 RBI – 2 SB
Kendall: .312 BA – 10 HR – 39 RBI – 10 SB 

The Rebels also got a draft pick from the Ruffins, and used it to select Todd Dunwoody the following year. (.213 BA – 1 HR – 3 RBI – 0 SB). 

The Ruffins received on the Rebels’ picks in return, and selected Keith Ginter (1 hitless AB in 2001). 

The real key for the Ruffins was Ankiel, who, remember, was an up-and-coming PITCHER at the time. Ankiel pitched well for the Ruffins after the trade (6 Wins, 3.41 ERA) and came in 2nd in the NL Rookie of the Year voting, but he totally lost it the following year (7.13 ERA in 24 IP). After missing all of 2002 with an injury, Ankiel had an unsuccessful come-back attempt in 2003 and did not return to the majors until 2007 … when he came back as an OF and put up a number of decent seasons as a hitter. 

Between this trade and the one immediately below (made the same day), the Ruffins swapped 6 stars for Rick Ankiel and 5 draft picks, only three of which they used. 
June 20, 2000 RUFFINS trade Curt Schilling, Billy Wagner, and Kevin Millwood to GO-GO for their 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 13th round Rotation Draft picks in 2001.
The Go-Go, in 3rd place overall, but near the bottom of the rankings in Wins and Saves, net a trio of all-star pitchers for a quartet of draft picks – an incredible haul with over a month to go til the trade deadline. Wagner was injured at the time of the trade, and did not return before the end of the season.

Here are the post-trade stats: 
Schilling: 3.12 ERA – 1.02 RATIO – 9 W – 0 Sv
Millwood: 4.18 ERA – 1.15 RATIO – 6 W – 0 Sv
Wagner: Did not pitch 

Schilling and Millwood helped the Go-Go pick up 7 points in the W and ERA categories, but they weren’t able to move up in the standings. 

Here’s how the Ruffins used the picks from the Go-Go in the 2001 Rotation Draft: 

Rd 3 – Ruben Rivera (.255 BA – 10 HR – 34 RBI – 6 SB)
Rd 4 – pass
Rd 7 - Kevin McGlinchy (did not play in 2001 or any season since)
Rd 10 – pass
June 20, 2011 KENNDOZA LINE trade Craig Kimbrel and Jordan Lyles to the CANDY COLORED CLOWNS for Tim Hudson and Daniel Hudson.
June 21, 1985  COPPERFIELDS trade Bob Welch to FRIARS for Larry McWilliams.
Welch was due to come off the disabled list and the Copperfields had Andy Hawkins as his replacement. Wanting to keep Hawkins but not cut Welch, they sent Welch to the Friars for McWilliams, which under 1985 rules, broke the link between Hawkins and the guy he was replacing. 

Probably a bad move for the Copperfields – although Hawkins proved to be worth keeping (3.10 ERA, 7 Wins after the deal), McWilliams undid it all with the 5.35 ERA he posted for the Coppers. 

The Friars made off like bandits. They rid themselves of McWilliams and Welch was stellar upon his return from injury: 2.25 ERA, 1.02 RATIO, and 13 Wins, which helped the Friars finish within 2 points of the champion Mudville Sluggers.
June 21, 1988 PICKS trade Bob Knepper and Scott Garrelts to BALD EAGLES for Roger McDowell and Mario Soto.
June 21, 1988 PICKS trade Doug Drabek to DEM REBELS for Kelly Downs.
Starting pitcher straight up for starting pitcher. This one didn’t involve the swapping of injured or replacement players, but appears to be just an even swap of starters. 

And it did turn out to be pretty even. Both pitchers were outstanding after the deal, but the Rebels get the edge by virtue of Drabek’s stellar ERA and Ratio.  

Drabek: 2.08 ERA – 1.05 RATIO – 10 W – 0 Sv
Downs: 3.08 ERA – 1.16 RATIO – 9 W – 0 Sv
June 21, 2002 LAMBCHOPS trade Terry Adams, Carlos Hernandez, Roosevelt Brown, and Aaron Heilman to SIX PACKS for Bobby Abreu, Edgar Renteria, Darryl Kile, and their 12th round Rotation Draft pick in 2003.
A seemingly simple mid-season trade put the whole game into proper perspective when Darryl Kile passed away the day after this deal. 

We covered that part of the story in the Darryl Kile Tragedy post  a couple days ago.  

Now let’s take a look at how this impacted the Lambchops’ pennant chances. Even without Kile, the Lambchops got good returns from this deal: 

Abreu: .316 BA – 9 HR – 57 RBI – 15 SB
Renteria: .319 BA – 8 HR – 52 RBI – 14 SB 

Of the four players the Six Packs received, they kept only Adams and Heilman going into the following season. The Lambchops selected Bobby Brownlie with the 12th round pick from the Six Packs.  
June 22, 2008 DOORMATTS trade Brandon Webb, Dmitri Young, and a 2nd round Draft Pick in 2009 to RUFFINS for Joey Votto, Chad Qualls, Gerardo Parra and Tommy Hanson.
The Ruffins pay dearly for 13 QS and 3.45 ERA from Webb. Young was injured after only 18 games as a Ruffin and did not contribute anything of value. 

The DoorMatts, meanwhile, make out like bandits, setting themselves up well for 2009 and beyond. 2009 stats: 

Votto: .414 OBP – 266 TB – 82 RS – 84 RBI – 4 SB
Parra: .324 OPB – 184 TB – 59 RS – 60 RBI – 5 SB
Hanson: 2.89 ERA – 1.18 RATIO – 2.52 K:BB – 12 QS – 0 HoSv
Qualls: 3.63 ERA – 1.15 RATIO – 6.43 K:BB – 0 QS – 24 HoSv

June 22, 2008 CANDY COLORED CLOWNS trade Carlos Zambrano, Randy Johnson, Takashi Saito, Francisco Cordero, and their 8th round Rotation Draft pick in 2009 to GRAGING BULLS for Mark Reynolds, Clayton Kershaw, and Fernando Martinez.
Pitchers galore for the Bulls: 

Zambrano – 4.92 ERA – 1.25 RATIO – 1.72 K:BB – 6 QS – 0 HoSv
Johnson – 3.08 ERA – 1.11 RATIO – 4.63 K:BB - 13 QS – 0 HoSv
Saito – 2.20 ERA – 1.04 RATIO – 3.17 K:BB – 0 QS – 8 HoSv
Cordero – 3.82 ERA – 1.59 RATIO – 2.15 K:BB – 0 QS – 20 SV 

The deal gives the Clowns some nice building blocks for the future. 2009 stats: 

Reynolds: .349 OBP – 314 TB – 98 RS – 102 RBI – 24 SB
Kershaw: 2.79 ERA – 1.23 RATIO – 1.92 K:BB – 16 QS – 0 HoSv  

June 22, 2011 CANDY COLORED CLOWNS trade Matt Holliday, Brandon Phillips, Javier Lopez, Ryan Roberts and Ramon Hernandez to MORKERTZUMA’S REVENGE for Freddie Freeman, Pedro Alvarez, Francisco Cordero, Chris Heisey and Casey Kelly.


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