Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Owners of the CFCL 2011

Well the CFCL went down to Naperville
We were lookin’ for a room to use
We were in a bind ‘cause we were way behind
And we sure didn’t have much to choose.

When we came across this young man
Sittin’ at the computer and playin’ it hot
And the Ruffins jumped up on a hickory stump
And said, “Boys, let me tell you what”

“You probably didn’t know it
But I’m a fantasy player too
And if you go to draft below
I’ll make a deal with you.”

And so in 2011, for the second year in a row our normal corporate digs were not available and the Ruffins came to the rescue.  They provided a room in the basement of a Naperville office building.  The room wasn’t real conducive for photo taking so we stepped out in the hallway for our close up.

From left: Rich Bentel (Dem Rebels), Bob Boryca (Mo’s Red Hots), Dave Holian (David’s Ruffins), Tim Morkert (Morkertzuma’s Revenge), Scott Strang (Stranger Danger), Matt Grage (Graging Bulls), Dan Strang (Assistant GM Stranger Danger), Matt Bentel (DoorMatts), Mike Bentel (Twin Killers), Jeff Ruby (brother of Kenn and proxy for Kenndoza Line), Mike Coulter (Candy Colored Clowns).

The Ruffins used the home field advantage to perfection as they defended their title and grabbed their 4th overall championship.  Little did we know at the time that this would be the last year we would draft with Bob (Red Hots). He would resign at the end of the year.  Kenn Ruby couldn’t make it up from Cincinnati due to the recent birth of his second child, but DunKenn made it with Kenn’s brother Jeff who proved to be an amazing proxy, handling the bidding and tracking of players while a cell phone was glued to his ear all afternoon so Kenn would know what was happening.

We also welcomed Stranger Danger to the CFCL as they took over the league’s most successful franchise (David’s Copperfields, who resigned at the end of 2010).

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