Monday, August 12, 2013

CFCL: Past Meets Present

Thanks to the organizational efforts of Matt Grage (owner of Graging Bulls), the CFCL had their first in-season get together in over a decade.  Matt coordinated an outing to Geneva to watch Cubs Single A affiliate Kane County Cougars take on the Cedar Rapids Kernels.  There was a little of everything in the game.  An elderly fan was taken to the hospital after being hit in the face by a foul ball.  A batter for the Kernels and the Cougars shortstop collided knee-to-head during a t-ballesque play of Merry Go Round.  Adam Walker, rightfielder for the Kernels, hit a herculean homerun to dead center that cleared, not only the fence, but the 20 foot tall black wall behind the fence.  Oh, and there was a celebrity siting (picture below).  Speaking of pictures, here are some of the motley crew that camped out behind homeplate.

Pictured from left:  Mike Bentel (Twin Killers), Matt Bentel (Twin Killers Behind The Scenes Man), Matt Bentel (DoorMatts), Rich Bentel (Dem Rebels), Paul Zeledon (Da Paul Meisters), Tim Morkert (Morkertzuma's Revenge), David Mahlan (David's Copperfields), Mike Coulter (Candy Colored Clowns), Matt Grage (Graging Bulls), Junior Mr. Coulter (Player Acquisition Influence for the Candy Colored Clowns).

Bentel Triumverate talking baseball strategy . . . or where to go for dinner that night.

 Owners of the Bulls and Clowns strategizing on how they both can end up in first.

                                Matt and Tim, based on the expressions, obviously talking
                                about the Commissioner.  "What?  We're just sitting here."

Even though the Cougars put a lot of runners on base and consistently found ways not to score, the game was exciting.  And then around the 8th inning I looked over to the right and noticed a guy signing a baseball for a fan.

   It's the guy in the blue shirt.  I blurted out who I thought it was (guessed correctly), then I turned and asked the rest of the owners, "Who is that signing an autograph?"  Without even looking where I pointed out, Paul immediately said "Is it Carlos May?!"  The rest of the owners looked over and eventually we all agreed (and were proven right) it was Moises Alou, former Cubs rightfielder.  Funny that a former Cub All-Star was about fifty feet from us and no one got up to take his picture (other than the one I snapped here since I knew I was writing this blog) or get his autograph.  Based on the comments of the owners, we're all still pissed about his reaction in the 8th inning of Game 6 in the 2003 NLCS. 

As the Coulters headed out for the day and handshakes were passed around, Mike said "Good seeing you guys!  Let's do this again next year."  Which actually is a pretty good idea.

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