Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The CFCL Owners of 2002

[Picture from left]:  Steve Olson (Steve's Stones); Eric Lamb (Eventual 2002 CFCL Champion Lambchops); Paul Zeledon (Da Paul Meisters); David Mahlan (David's Copperfields); Matt Grage (Hard Hats); Jason Grey (Reservoir Dogs); Kelly Barone (Six Packs); Rich Bentel (Dem Rebels); Nick Hansen (Nick's Picts); Matt Bentel (DoorMatts); Bruce Ellman (Tenacious B).  [Not pictured but represented by the white speaker in Rich's had - Dave Holian (David's Ruffins)]

2002 was the year the world learned about the CFCL.  Or more accurately the 2002 season was when the wheels were set into motion.  To start, we had a completely new owner join us and a former co-owner branch out on his own.  Jason Grey and the Reservoir Dogs replaced the Maulers.  Jason not only brought his Mastersball fantasy baseball experience with him, he also brought a film crew.  Jason was approached by the producers of Trading the Gator to see if he knew of a local, dedicated, maniacal fantasy baseball league and he said "Funny you should ask.  I just joined a Chicago-based league."  The poles you see behind Matt Grage and Nick Hansen's head are part of the equipment used to film scenes of the draft for TTG.

Bruce Ellman was a new old owner.  For two years he co-managed the Witzke a Go-Go.  In 2002 his co-owner resigned and Bruce unveiled the Tenacious B.

After 13 years in the league, the Lambchops finally found the magic and captured what would be the first of consecutive CFCL Championships.

Once again drafting in the opulence of the Oak Brook conference room, we had the technology available to us for the Ruffins to draft remotely.  In years previous and post the Ruffins would communicate via computer screen or earpiece with Rich Bentel, but since we were going Hollywood and didn't want to miss the Ruffin wit, he was placed on speaker so the film producers could directly capture any Ruffin communication.

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