Thursday, August 15, 2013

The CFCL Owners of 2001

Pictured from left [First Row] David Mahlan (David's Copperfields and eventual 2001 CFCL Champion), Kelly Barone (Six Packs), Rich Bentel (Dem Rebels), Matt Bentel (DoorMatts)
[Second Row] Harry Witzke (Bruce's Witzke A Go-Go), Eric Lamb (Lambchops), Steve Olson (Steve's Stones), Tim Leen (Tim's Maulers), Matt Grage (Hard Hats), Paul Zeledon (Da Paul Meisters), Nick Hansen (Nick's Picts).  [Not pictured] Dave Holian (David's Ruffins)

2001 saw the Copperfields capture their second consecutive CFCL title (actually this would be the fourth and last time they repeated as champions).  This was the first (and last) year for Tim Leen of Tim's Maulers as they replaced an original six member - Dave Goetz of the ForGoetzMeNots.  This would also be the last season that Harry Witzke (co)owned a CFCL team.  They joined in 2000 with Bruce Ellman as co-owner and after the 2001 season Witzke resigned, turning over the franchise solely to Ellman.  This season, while the Copperfields ran away with the title with a nine point lead, the Go-Go and DoorMatts stood tied point-wise for third.  The DoorMatts were able to show by taking the second tie breaker.

We drafted in corporate opulence in Oak Brook which allowed the Ruffins to draft long distance via phone and computer.

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