Thursday, August 22, 2013

From the Archives: The Gauntlet

Today, we’re going to dip into the CFCL archives again and pull out another dusty artifact…

In 1994, experienced Roto player and Trading The Gator fan Kenn Ruby joined the CFCL. Full of ambition and high hopes, Kenn struggled in that first season and his franchise, By Kennen, limped to a last place finish, a mere 77.5 points out of first place.

In 2005, Kenn rechristened his team Kenndoza Line, and rocketed up the standings to a 3rd place finish, only 9.5 points behind the 2005 CFCL Champions, David’s Copperfields.

Apparently emboldened by his sophomore success, when it came time for Kenn to mail his fee payment prior to the 2006 season, Kenn included a note to the Co-Commissioner and reigning league champ (click to embiggen):

The simple audacity of the proclamation, which I dubbed “The Gauntlet”, was a gusty move by a third-year CFCL newbie to a Co-Founder and 23-year veteran. Yet it instantly earned my respect and I featured it as the quote of the week at the top of the pre-draft bulletin.

How did Kenn fare in his prediction? Pretty damn well. The Copperfields did indeed go down, sucking their way to a 7th place finish in 2006.

Kenn’s note was more than a prediction, though. It also carried the tone of a threat … as in “I’M going to be the one who takes you down.” Kenn didn’t exactly follow through on that threat, as it was David’s Ruffins who ran away with the 2006 title. In fact, Kenndoza Line actually dropped in the standings themselves, falling from 3rd place in 2005 to 4th in 2006.

Perhaps is all just took a little longer than Kenn expected. In 2007, Kenndoza Line did indeed reign supreme, securing the first of their two CFCL titles.

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