Monday, August 19, 2013

From the Archives: CFCL Newsletter, June 9, 1987

Here's a random artifact from the CFCL Archives for your entertainment - the CFCL Newsletter from June 9, 1987.

In an earlier post, I described the origins of the CFCL Newsletter.  That first edition, from April 28, 1987 was a joint effort between Rich and me.  By the time we got to the sixth issue, however, it had pretty much become Rich's production, though I was still listed as an Editor on the cover sheet (this was, no doubt, because we continued to reuse the same cover sheet week after week, just pasting in a new cut-out date for each edition ... and remember, in those days of typewritten documents, this was actual physical cutting and pasting).

This issue includes a number of features:
  • Down On The Farm - an update on players belonging to CFCL farm systems
  • Head To Head Standings - an update on the daily head-to-head competition that was run simultaneously with the regular CFCL season (the Head To Head competition was described in an earlier post)
  • The debut of TICOD - In those days, there was a charge for every transaction made (a dime per activation or reserve, etc).  The funds collected went into the prize pool for the year, and TICOD - one of Rich's many personas - was responsible for updating the league on outstanding fees, and threatening appropriate violence to ensure payment
  • A nice sampling of photos clipped from the pages of the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times and repurposed with Rich's captions, customized for the CFCL
Now, straight from the Archives, please enjoy:

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