Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Women of the CFCL

This is a shout out to the unsung heros of the CFCL.  Sure the owners do all the draft prep, they sit in a conference room once a year for eight hours bidding on players statistics, they spend all summer trading and tweaking and praying.  But our women have to put up with it.

Kim, Dorothy, Jasmine, Mrs. Danger, Heather, Julie, Elizabeth and Denise.  The latest lineup of Disney Princesses?  No, though they should be.  In their own way they provide tremendous amounts of support for their Men of the CFCL.  For The Draft:  Julie watches the little ones while Kenn heads out of town for a few days.  Heather keeps the homefront safe and secure while Dave jets across the country to try and secure another championship.  Elizabeth keeps Nick company on the short six hour drive up the driveway to Illinois (known as Iowa).  Kim, Denise, Jasmine and Mrs. Danger all entertain the kids while we scurry off for the draft.  Dorothy endures the lengthy, season long phone calls between Matt and his GM.

On top of the physical support of watching family and home while we're drafting, there have been times when our lovely ladies have gone above and beyond.  Mrs. Copperfield sent David flowers one year to wish him luck.  Give her a break - it was early in their relationship, she didn't realize David (out of everyone) didn't need luck.

Mrs. Six Pack baked Kelly some type of lemon bar thing to munch on at the draft.  It worked as Kelly nailed down the championship that season.

Kim, Mrs. Copperfield (many times), Mrs. Bald Eagle and Mrs. Mahlan (mom of David) all opened their doors to the league for the draft.  That really shows the support our girls are willing to go to show their baseball love.

Kim would look at the roster sheet I brought home from the draft in the early years of our marriage.  She would stare at the teams and their players and say "Hmm.  Looks like (insert a CFCL team here) or (other CFCL team) is going to win this year."  Now a lot happens during a season.  Injuries, trades, owner attention all affect the outcome of the season, but more often than not the teams she tabbed on Draft Day usually finished in the first division.  Not so coincidentally the Rebels were never one of her picks.  As the years went by and the children arrived, she lost knowledge of player performance and would try to make her assessment on how many good looking players a CFCL team had.  If someone had Mark Grace and Mark DeRosa on their team they were a virtual lock to win the title.

Now Kim's primary interest is in watching football so she's completely out of the loop on who is good in the National League.  I feel a bit like a guy complaining that my wallet can't hold all of my $100 bills.  "My wife likes watching football more than baseball."

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