Saturday, August 10, 2013

This Week In CFCL History

Here’s a look at this week in CFCL history, covering the dates August 4. To August 10.
Aug 4, 1992 COPPERFIELDS trade Mike Sharperson to DA PAUL MEISTERS for Mariano Duncan.
Aug 4, 1992 COPPERFIELDS trade Ryan Klesko to DEM REBELS for Craig Lefferts.
Aug 4, 1992 DEM REBELS trade Ryne Sandberg to RUFFINS for Anthony Young and Mike Scioscia.
There’s an interesting background story on this one, but I can’t share it yet. Suffice to say that the Rebels had traded Young to the Ruffins just after Draft Day 1992 in exchange for special “considerations”. Supposedly this tale will be told in a future blog post… 

Apparently it only took 6 months for the Young to wear out his welcome with the Ruffins and they shipped him back Rebel-way.
Aug 4, 1992 DEM REBELS trade Rob Dibble, Bob Scanlan, and Frank Seminara to LAMBCHOPS for Vince Coleman, David Justice, Roger McDowell, and Mark Gardner.
Aug 5, 1986 BALD EAGLES trade Lenny Dykstra to DEM REBELS for Dale Murphy.
Rich revisited this trade in a post a few days ago: The Bald Eagle Eyes His First Victim 

Also see: Trade Deadline Review: 1984-1987
Aug 5, 1997 SIX PACKS trade Mel Rojas to RUFFINS for Todd Hollandsworth and their 3rd round Rotation Draft pick in 1998.
Aug 6, 1991 BALD EAGLES trade Jeff Bagwell, Glen Braggs, Jay Bell, Randy Myers, Steve Avery, and Kiki Jones to COPPERFIELDS for Matt Williams, Kevin Mitchell, Gregg Jeffries, Greg W Harris, and Jeff Brantley.
Aug 6, 1991 LAMBCHOPS trade Ron Gant, Scott Ruskin, and their 1st round Minor League Draft pick in 1992 to COPPERFIELDS for Mike Felder, Lee Smith, and their 1st round Minor League Draft pick in 1992.
Aug 6, 1996 DEM REBELS trade Jody Reed and Tony Fossas to DOORMATTS for Dennis Eckersley.
Aug 10, 1993 COPPERFIELDS trade Roberto Mejia, Cliff Floyd, and their 2nd round Rotation Draft pick in 1994 to RUFFINS for Larry Walker, Will Clark, Andy Benes, Jose Vizcaino, and their 14th round Rotation Draft pick in 1994.


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