Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Meet Stranger Danger

As we come down the home stretch of our current owner Q&A, it's time to meet the youngest tenured owner of the CFCL.  Scott Stang joined the CFCL in 2011 taking over the vaunted Copperfield franchise.  While Scott hasn't exactly replicated the Copperfield dominance, he has seen improvement each year.  His first year the Danger finished last, but last year they jumped to 7th and are currently holding 7th place again this year.

When Scott joined the league the Monroe Doctrine conducted a not too terribly official interview to get some background.  But today, the Danger actually provide their own answers.  It's time to meet Stranger Danger.

What brought you to the CFCL?
I wanted to try rotisserie auction draft.
Your brothers have helped out with your drafts the last few years.  Is yours a big baseball family?
My brothers and I played baseball through high school. I also went a little further and played for Robert Morris college and try out for numerous county teams such flyers and cougars. We are all fantasy owners in a head to head league.
Do you or they belong to other fantasy baseball leagues?
We are all in a head to head league together and from the looks of it all three are gonna make the playoffs . We have been part of this league for the last five years.
You have a newborn at home along with another young child.  Any plans to get them involved in fantasy sports when the time is right?
I plan on my children to love sports( not only baseball) and to be involved at a very young age. My four year old is already lethal with a bat and will be playing organized ball in the spring. The other is to young but will soon be where his brother is. I'm sure they will get into fantasy play when old enough.

What has been your most enjoyable moment in the CFCL so far?

trying to build a franchise in this league is a great challenge and very different from the fantasy style I am used to. The owners know there baseball which in return makes the leagues competition second to none.

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