Friday, August 16, 2013

Looking at Technology

We have highlighted a few of the webpages David has created to make our CFCL lives a little easier.  One day I was clicking links on one of those said pages and came across another Fantasy Baseball League.  The Luis Gomez Memorial League.  As it turns out they were in their final year of existence (2010) when I discovered their page.  When I viewed their teams, both past and present, I was really entertained by their information.

So like any good businessman, I stole their idea but not before asking permission.  They had their owners answer baseball related questions "The DH is" or "The Commissioner of MLB should be" as well as non-sensical non-sports related questions. 

We had been doing something like that on our team profiles, but not as in depth, although aspects of our Owner Profiles were cooler than the LGML.  So we started adding some questions "borrowed" from the LGML on a yearly basis.  Another question will be forthcoming this year once I send it out to the existing owners.

But for today, I want to introduce to you the CFCL Team Profiles.  The Clubhouse defaults to the Team Profile of Dem Rebels for some reason, but you can access all current owners and a handful of former owners off that page.

If you haven't noticed already, the CFCL currently has and has had many, many talented, well-written, incredibly funny owners.  The Clubhouse and all its current inhabitants only further prove that point.

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