Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Best Reserve List Pick

In 1992 we added an award to recognize the owner who was most prescient during the second stage of our Draft. When we expanded to Ultra, we added seventeen man reserve lists to our teams (actually originally we test drove Ultra in the beginning with a 12 man reserve list and then shortly thereafter expanded to the recommended 17 man reserve roster). So now on Draft Day, we acquire, via auction draft, our 23 active man rosters. Then we move right into a true draft to fill our seventeen man roster.

You would think that (in a ten team league) once you have filled your active roster (230 players) there isn't much talent left. Au contraire. There has proven to be scads of baseball goodness lingering on the Reserve Rosters. And for the owner that grabs the most productive player, he is bestowed with the Best Reserve Pick Award. Here is the list of past winners:

1992 Eric Anthony David's Copperfields
1993 Derek Bell David's Copperfields
1994 Bobby Jones DoorMatts
1995 Pete Schourek David's Copperfields
1996 Eric Davis David's Ruffins
1997 Kevin Young David's Copperfields
1998 Gregg Olson ForGoetz Me Nots
1999 Kent Bottenfield ForGoetz Me Nots
2000 John VanderWal David's Copperfields
2001 Paul LoDuca Da Paul Meisters
2002 Junior Spivey
Tomo Ohka
David's Ruffins
Six Packs
2003 Joe Borowski Tenacious B
2004 Doug Davis Reservoir Dogs
2005 Derek Turnbow Reservoir Dogs
2006 Roger Clemens Dem Rebels
2007 Heath Bell Steve's Stones
2008 Ryan Dempster Moore Better
2009    Randy Wolf              Morkertzuma's Revenge
2010    Brandon Lyon          David's Ruffins
2011    Emelio Bonafacio    David's Ruffins
2012    AJ Burnett               Candy Colored Clowns

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