Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Addition to the CFCL

As was mentioned in a previous post, the off-season for most fantasy leagues is fraught with many different things.  There could be rule changes, the CFCL has post season awards (still to be completed for 2013), owners leave and ultimately, hopefully, new owners arrive.  It became official on Monday, November 4th, 2013 that the 45th team in CFCL history came to be.

Pat Chesnut and Matt Barriball joined forces, passed a rigorous application and voting process to be accepted as new owners to the CFCL.  They immediately set about the task of naming their franchise.  They narrowed it down to two possibilities, hired professional Team Naming Consultants and were unanimously told to go with:

Hey Patta Matta Swing

The name harkens us all back to our Little League days, standing in position on the field (firstbase for me) and chirping at the batter.  While the name could be cumbersome at the draft "Hey Patta Matta Swing bids .07 on Schierholtz."  "Hey Patta Matta Swing acquires Jay Bruce." etc., the team will, in casual conversation, be known as The Swing - still a nice reference to the greatest game around.

More will be learned about our new owners as they will be featured in an upcoming exclusive interview with The Monroe Doctrine.  Additionally, they are hard at work putting together their Owner Profile.

But for now we would simply like to welcome Pat and Matt to the CFCL.