Saturday, November 30, 2013

CFCL Owners of 1987

Not pictured [from left]:  Paul Mahlan (Paul's Penguins), Ken Visnack (Aces to Win), David Mahlan (and eventual CFCL Champion David's Copperfields), Rich Bentel (Dem Rebels), Joe Gemini (Gemini's Apollos), Tim Davies (Davies' Crocketts), Bob Monroe (Bald Eagles), Dave Holian (David's Ruffins).

1987 would be the final year of one of the Original Six.  Paul Mahlan (owner of the Penguins/Bunyans) would resign following this season.  We added three new teams in 1987.  The Crocketts, Aces to Win and Apollos.  I believe they were all connected to Monroe.  Joe Gemini had probably provided the best team name in the short CFCL history.  Looking at his last name you would think "Gemini" like the space program.  Hence the team name.  But his last name wasn't pronounce "Jem-in-I".  It was "ja-Minh-ee" which provided a bit of a disconnect.  Alas, it wouldn't matter much as they left the league at the end of the season.

Tune in tomorrow for more details, but 1987 should have been the season that David and I realized that the CFCL could withstand almost anything.  As you will see tomorrow, 1986 was our first year with eight owners.  At the end of the season three owners left.  We scrambled to find three new owners and keep things moving forward.

The Copperfields captured their second consecutive championship, winning by seven points over the Bald Eagles.

The draft took place on Sunday, April 12th at 1pm at the Mahlan home in Oak Park.

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