Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nick Esasky Award

We complete our tour of the CFCL Post-Season Awards by highlighting the most uniquely named award.  When you see the Nick Esasky Award you may think the CFCL has an affinity for honoring mildly obscure power hitting corner infielders.  Not so.  Here's the official description:

The antithesis of the Steal of the Year. This award is given to the player acquired in the Draft that year whom the CFCL owners feel was overpaid the most. Like the Steal of the Year, the Nick Esasky award is purely subjective. The award was first given in 1990, and named in honor of the ex-Red and Brave, Nick Esasky. After playing for the Reds, and routinely clobbering the Braves' pitching whenever Cincinnati played in Atlanta, Esasky spent a year in the AL with Boston where he hit 30 HR. Then, in 1990, when he returned to the NL as a Brave, everyone in the CFCL figured he was a cinch for 40 homers playing in Atlanta. The Bald Eagles thought they had themselves a great deal when they got him in the Draft for a mere .25. Unfortunately for the Eagles, however, Esasky developed vertigo shortly after Opening Day and didn't play the rest of that season. Or any other season. His final 1990 stats: .171 - 0 - 0 - 0. Not exactly what the Eagles were expecting for their quarter. Not all was lost, though. Out of the misfortune of Esasky and the Eagles, a new CFCL award was born.

Any time the CFCL can benefit from the pain of the Bald Eagles, it's a win-win.  Most of the time the winner fits perfectly with what happened with Esasky.  A team waaay overpays for anticipated production of either a stud or a highly over-hyped player.  Occasionally it will be a consistent stud who just has an off year (recently see Tim Lincecum and Hanley Ramirez).  On the rare occasion, the owners will vote for a player who didn't play at all yet was drafted on Draft Day (Brandon Webb).  This is certainly one award each owner is not excited about winning.  Here are the past "winners":

1990 Nick Esasky Bald Eagles .25
1991 Von Hayes Dem Rebels .15
1992 Dave Righetti David's Ruffins .23
1993 Rob Dibble Twin Picks .42
1994 Mitch Williams Six Packs .24
1995 Rudy Seanez Six Packs .23
1996 Paul Wilson Six Packs .18
1997 Jeff Brantley Dem Rebels .39
1998 Mark Wohlers Eric's Lambchops .43
1999 Mark Wohlers Steve's Slackers .18
2000 Mike Jackson Matt's Hard Hats .29
2001 Matt Mantei Da Paul Meisters .44
2002 Kevin Brown Steve's Stones .37
2003 Robb Nen DoorMatts .22
2004 Nick Johnson By Kennen .29
2005 Barry Bonds Splendid Splinters .23
Jeff Bagwell Sludge Sundae .26
2006 Eric Gagne Da Paul Meisters .32
2007 Chris Capuano David's Copperfields .25
2008 Andruw Jones Kenndoza Line .29
 2009    Brandon Webb    Morkertzuma's Revenge  .31
 2010    Brandon Webb    Graging Bulls               .11
 2011    Hanley Ramirez   Dem Rebels                 .49
 2012    Tim Lincecum     Twin Killers                 .37

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