Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rookie of the Year

In 1996 the CFCL added two more awards.  Even though we recognized the CFCL Cy Young and MVP in 1990, for some reason we waited six years to add Rookie of the Year.  For a player to qualify for ROY in the CFCL they must have had rookie status according to MLB heading into the season.  The reality of it is that almost all of ROYs have never previously been activated by a CFCL club prior to that year (as opposed to the MLB which has AB or IP threshholds to determine if a player holds "rookie" status).

Additionally, the ROY winner (the owner that receives the certificate) is the owner that owns the player at the time of his CFCL activation.  So for example, in 2009 Andrew McCutchen won the ROY for the CFCL.  Dem Rebels received the award, even though David's Ruffins had selected McCutchen in the Rotation Draft years before.  The Ruffins traded McCutchen to Dem Rebels when they (the Ruffins) were making a push to a CFCL title.

Here is a list of past award winners:

1996 Todd Hollandsworth David's Ruffins
1997 Scott Rolen David's Ruffins
1998 Todd Helton David's Ruffins
1999 Scott Williamson David's Ruffins
2000 Rafael Fucal Matt's Hard Hats
2001 Albert Pujols DoorMatts
2002 Damien Moss Matt's Hard Hats
2003 Scott Podsednick Dem Rebels
2004 Jason Bay Splendid Splinters
2005 Willy Tavares Kenndoza Line
2006 Hanley Ramirez Graging Bulls
2007 Ryan Braun Da Paul Meisters
2008 Geovanny Soto David's Ruffins
2009     Andrew McCutchen      Dem Rebels
2010     Jason Heyward              Twin Killers
2011    Craig Kimbrell               Kenndoza Line
2012    Bryce Harper                 Graging Bulls

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