Monday, November 11, 2013

Cy Young Award

And if you're going to recognize the MVP in 1990 you HAVE to recognize the Cy Young Award.  The criteria for selecting the Cy Young is "vote for whatever pitcher was most valuable to his CFCL team during the season.  The CFCL votes for and distributes our awards (most of the time) well before any announcements are made by MLB for their awards, so we're not voting in a copy cat manner.  And as you can see on the list below, in the 23 years the award has been around, the CFCL has disagreed with MLB eight times.

The thing to keep in mind is that the CFCL used to use Wins as one of the scoring categories, along with ERA, WHiP and Saves.  So a pitcher with four or five more wins that someone else was VASTLY more valuable unless their WHiP and ERA was egregiously high.  In MLB, Wins may be discounted a bit.  But in the CFCL an extra win or two (or five) could garner three or four points in just one category.  That's huge.  That may explain how Mike Hampton won the Cy Young in the CFCL in 1999 over Randy Johnson (who took the award for the first of four in a row in the NL).

Same sort of concept in 1998 when Trevor Hoffman (53 saves) beat out Tom Glavine (20 wins).  The affect of the numbers has greater meaning in the CFCL. 

Here is the list of past winners.  The 'x' next to a player identifies that that player did not win the Cy Young Award in the NL that season.

1990 Doug Drabek Dem Rebels
1991 x Lee Smith Eric's Lambchops
1992 Greg Maddux Six Packs
1993 Greg Maddux David's Copperfields
1994 Greg Maddux ForGoetz Me Nots
1995 Greg Maddux ForGoetz Me Nots
1996 John Smoltz ForGoetz Me Nots
1997 Pedro Martinez David's Copperfields
1998 x Trevor Hoffman David's Copperfields
1999 x Mike Hampton Six Packs
2000 Randy Johnson David's Copperfields
2001 Randy Johnson Six Packs
2002 Randy Johnson Matt's Hard Hats
2003 Eric Gagne Picts
2004 x Ben Sheets David's Ruffins
2005 Chris Carpenter David's Ruffins
2006 x Roy Oswalt DoorMatts
2007 Jake Peavy David's Ruffins
2008 x Johan Santana Steve's Stones
2009    Tim Lincecum        Kenndoza Line
2010    Roy Halladay         DoorMatts
2011  x Roy Halladay         DoorMatts
2012    R.A. Dickey           Dem Rebels

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