Monday, November 25, 2013

CFCL Owners of 1990

Not pictured from left:  Kelly Barone (Six Packs), Eric Lamb (Lambchops), David Mahlan (and eventual CFCL Champion David's Copperfields), Rich Bentel (Dem Rebels), Pat McGuire (McGuire's Picks), Paul Skupien (Mr. Paul's Swordfish), Bob Monroe (Bald Eagles), Dave Holian (David's Ruffins).

1990 saw the Copperfields capture their fourth title in seven years.  It was also (sniff) the last draft at Mount Olympus (Rich and David's apartment in Forest Park) as girls had FINALLY entered our lives.

This was also the year that Paul Skupien (I think he came from the bank I worked at at the time) took over the Headless Horseman franchise.  While we were thankful that we could keep the league at eight owners, we had to deal with the fact that Paul came up with one of, if not THE, worst names in CFCL history - Mr. Paul's Swordfish.  1990 was also the final, but not quite final, year of the Picks franchise.  Pat would take a sabbatical from the CFCL for a year before returning for two more years beginning in 1992.

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