Sunday, November 3, 2013

Best Waiver Claim

Also in 1985 we created the Best Waiver Claim Award.  CFCL (and all fantasy owners, honestly) try to build a winning team by drafting well, making astute trades, picking up talented free agents during the season and keeping a sharp eye out for who other teams cut.  When a team cuts a player during the season, that player is on our "waiver wire".  All teams have an oppportunity to scoop up waived players (our system uses the standings in reverse to decide which claiming teams have priority).

After a while the CFCL, due to constraints of the stat service we used, did away with the in-season waiver.  But starting in 2003 we began a thing called Winter Waivers.  Mainly it was an opportunity to do some management and tweaking of our rosters during the off-season.  There is nothing better that making some roster moves in early January.  The following list includes the winners of Best Waiver Claim and Best Winter Waiver Claim.

1985 Dem Rebels
1986 Bald Eagles
1987 Paul's Penguins
1988 Twin Picks
1989 Bald Eagles
1990 Lambchops
1991 Six Packs
1992 Twin Picks
1999 Roger Cedeno (W) DoorMatts
2000 Jeffery Hammonds (W) Dem Rebels
2001 Mike Williams (W) Nick's Picts
2002 Mike Williams (W) Matt's Hard Hats
2003 Winter: Edgar Renteria Picts
Season: Chris Reitsma David's Copperfields
2004 Winter: Jim Thome Picts
Season: Rheal Cormier Picts
2005 Winter: Aaron Harang Dem Rebels
Season: Roberto Hernandez Sludge Sundae

2006 Winter: Freddy Sanchez Kenndoza Line
Season: Matt Capps Nick's Picts
2007 Winter: Manny Corpas David's Copperfields
Season: Rudy Seanez David's Copperfields
2008 Winter: Lance Berkman Nick's Picts
2009      Winter:  Skip Schumacher            David's Copperfields
2010      Winter:  Casey McGehee              Dem Rebels
2011      Winter:  Ben Francisco                 Red Hots
              Winter:  Alfonso Soriano              Graging Bulls
2012      Winter:  Kenley Jansen                Candy Colored Clowns

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