Sunday, November 10, 2013

Most Valuable Player

It wasn't until 1990 that we expanded our awards.  That year we added three more, one of which was the Most Valuable Player.  One might think "well, Major League Baseball already awards the MVP to the National and American Leagues, so isn't this overkill?"  The MVPs of Major League baseball have different criteria, however cryptic, for determining their MVP.

Here's our definition, which still allows a wide swath of interpretation.

CFCL Most Valuable Player
This award is presented to the team that owns the player that the CFCL owners feel was the most valuable to a Rotisserie League team. Obviously, the criteria we use is slightly different than that used in determining the MVPs in Major League baseball. However, just as in the "real" world, the criteria is vague enough to allow a wide variety of interpretations. For example, CFCL owners are free to decide for themselves whether the position a player plays should have any bearing on the voting or whether it should be based on the stats alone. The first CFCL MVP award was presented in 1990.
This definition points out that we may focus solely on stats, stats and position or other values.  Here are the list of past winners:
1990 Barry Bonds Eric's Lambchops
1991 Howard Johnson David's Ruffins
1992 Barry Bonds Clark's Kents
1993 Barry Bonds Clark's Kents
1994 Jeff Bagwell David's Copperfields
1995 Greg Maddux
Craig Biggio
ForGoetz Me Nots
David's Ruffins
1996 Ellis Burks David's Copperfields
1997 Larry Walker ForGoetz Me Nots
1998 Sammy Sosa Eric's Lambchops
1999 Chipper Jones Eric's Lambchops
2000 Todd Helton David's Ruffins
2001 Barry Bonds DoorMatts
2002 Vladimir Guererro David's Copperfields
2003 Albert Pujols DoorMatts
2004 Barry Bonds Da Paul Meisters
2005 Albert Pujols DoorMatts
2006 Albert Pujols DoorMatts
Jose Reyes Teddy's Splendid Splinters
2007 Matt Holliday Da Paul Meisters
2008 Albert Pujols Steve's Stones
2009     Albert Pujols             Kenndoza Line
2010     Albert Pujols             Candy Colored Clowns
2011     Matt Kemp                Mo's Red Hots
2012     Ryan Braun               Twin Killers

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