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1984 Rosters

1984 Rosters


There are a couple of interesting things to consider with the rosters below.  There were a couple of firsts and onlys in 1984.  This, obviously, was the first draft in the CFCL.  It was also the first and only time every team walking into the draft had to draft a complete team.  The CFCL is a keeper league, meaning we can keep some players from one year to the next.  1984 was also the only time the CFCL ever had as few as 6 teams compete.  Our league usually has had between eight and twelve teams (in 1985 and 1991 we had seven teams).


Enough with the trivia, here are the rosters at the completion of the 1984 draft.  Listed under each team and owner is the position, player and salary at which they were drafted.


Electric Eels – Rich Bentel                                 Paul’s Penguins – Paul Mahlan

OF       Joe Lefebvre           .12                              OF       Mel Hall                                 .01
OF       Darryl Strawberry .38                              OF       Andre Dawson                    .50
OF       Bob Dernier             .04                              OF       Willie McGee                       .36
OF       Danny Heep             .01                            OF       David Green                           .35
OF       Terry Whitfield       .01                              OF       Claudell Washington         .06
OF       Marvel Wynne        .01                              OF       Dusty Baker                         .02
1B       Al Oliver                    .42                              1B       Greg Brock                           .12
2B       Steve Sax                  .22                              2B       Johnny Ray                          .30
IN        Bill Doran                  .06                              IN        Larry Bowa                          .15
SS        Ivan DeJesus            .08                              SS        Bob Bailor                             .01
3B       Bill Madlock             .28                              3B       Bob Horner                          .44
OU      Tim Wallach             .17                              OU      Hubie Brooks                       .01
U         Gary Templeton     .11                              U         Richie Hebner                      .01
C          Gary Carter              .44                              C          Bo Diaz                                  .16
C          Jose Morales            .03                              C          Steve Nicosia                       .01
P          Steve Trout              .13                              P          Craig McMurtry                  .18
P          Tim Lollar                  .10                              P          Joe Price                               .08
P          Mario Soto               .15                              P          Bill Campbell                        .01
P          Dave Dravecky       .03                              P          Pat Zachry                            .01
P          Dave LaPoint           .01                              P          Greg Minton                        .01
P          Rick Camp                .01                              P          Steve Howe                         .01
P          Bill Laskey                 .01                              P          Terry Forster                       .01
P          Walt Terrel               .01                              P          Bob Knepper                       .01
P          Doug Sisk                  .01                              P          Larry Andersen                   .01
P          Cecilio Guante         .01                              P          Mike LaCoss                         .01
Minor League – Brad Komminsk                       Minor League – Joe Carter


Mudville Sluggers – Jim Fenton                                   Fred’s Friars – Fred Mahlan
OF       Jack Clark                 .30                              OF       Dale Murphy                       .61
OF       Tim Raines                .47                              OF       Jose Cruz                              .50
OF       Mookie Wilson        .21                              OF       Ken Landreaux                    .28
OF       Lonnie Smith           .48                              OF       Joel Youngblood                 .04
OF       Carmelo Martinez  .04                              OF       Tony Gwynn                          .02
OF       George Foster         .05                              OF       Gary Matthews                   .03
1B       Keith Hernandez    .18                              1B       Ray Knight                            .21
2B       Ron Oester               .03                              2B       Tommy Herr                       .16
IN        Glen Hubbard         .17                              IN        Jim Morrison                       .01
SS        Ozzie Smith              .05                              SS        Rafael Ramirez                    .23
3B       Ron Cey                     .16                              3B       Ken Oberkfell                      .10
C          Terry Kennedy        .41                              C          Bruce Benedict                    .27
C          Bob Brenly               .01                              C          Steve Scioscia                      .01
OU      Chris Chambliss       .10                              OU      Graig Nettles                        .05
U         Jason Thompson    .03                              U         Mike Ramsey                       .01
P          Steve Carlton           .02                              P          John Denny                          .04
P          Jeff Reardon            .05                              P          Charlie Lea                           .04
P          Bob Welch                .02                              P          Larry McWilliams               .04
P          Jerry Reuss               .01                              P          Goose Gossage                   .04
P          F. Valenzuela           .01                              P          Nolan Ryan                          .02
P          Dick Ruthven           .02                              P          John Candelaria                  .02
P          Frank DiPino            .01                              P          Alejandro Pena                   .01
P          Steve Bedrosian      .01                              P          Tom Niedenfeuer               .03
P          Gary Lucas               .01                              P          Eric Show                             .01
P          Luis DeLeon             .01                              P          Pete Falcone                        .01
Minor League – Sid Fernandez                          Minor League – D. Rohn, D. Owen


ForGoetzMeNots – Dave Goetz                       David’s Copperfields – David Mahlan
OF       Dave Parker             .06                              OF       Lee Lacy                                .35
OF       Leon Durham          .05                              OF       Mike Marshall                     .19
OF       Gary Redus              .05                              OF       Terry Puhl                            .19 OF       Chili Davis                 .03                              OF       Von Hayes                            .01
OF       Alan Wiggins            .01                              OF       Amos Otis                             .01
OF       Jeff Leonard             .02                              OF       Kevin McReynolds             .01
1B       Steve Garvey           .29                              1B       George Hendrick                .20
2B       Juan Samuel            .10                              2B       Ryne Sandberg                   .34
IN        Manny Trillo          .10                              IN        Brian Littell                           .01
SS        Dickie Thon              .43                              SS        Dale Berra                            .12
3B       Mike Schmidt          .45                              3B       Andy VanSlyke                    .18
OU      Dan Driessen           .01                              OU      Pedro Guerrero                  .36
U         Bill Buckner              .01                              U         Darrel Thomas                    .01
C          Darrel Porter           .20                              C          Tony Pena                            .25
C          Keith Moreland       .03                              C          Jody Davis                            .39
P          Joaquin Andujar     .05                              P          Lee Smith                              .29
P          Bill Gullickson          .40                              P          Mike Krukow                       .01
P          Atlee Hammaker    .23                              P          Lee Tunnel                            .01
P          Kent Tekulve            .03                              P          John Stupor                         .01
P          Al Holland                 .05                              P          Scott Sanderson                 .02
P          Gary Lavelle             .04                              P          Craig Lefferts                       .01
P          Bill Dawley               .01                              P          Rick Rhoden                         .01
P          Jesse Orosco            .03                              P          Chuck Rainey                       .01
P          Bruce Sutter            .03                              P          Bryn Smith                           .01
P          Steve Rogers            .02                              P          Dickie Noles                         .01
Minor League – S. Dunston, B. Johnson      Minor League – D. Schultze, J. Dedmon 

Before we wrap up for the day, it occurs to me that it was never established what we were shooting for back in 1984.  The object was to amass the most cumulative Home Runs, RBIs, Stolen Bases and highest Batting Average on offense.  On the pitching side we wanted the  most Wins, Saves, lowest ERA and lowest Ratio (hits+walks/innings pitched).

The final standings for 1984 were as follows: 

ForGoetzMeNots – 71 points
David’s Copperfields – 70
Fred’s Friars – 62
Mudville Sluggers – 60
Paul’s Penguins – 49
Electric Eels - 48


  1. Insane ... so little rhynme or reason there. I spent nearly a buck on two catchers and a second baseman. This is what clueless looks like.

  2. To be fair, David, it was Ryne Sandberg at 2B. Given it was the Cub Fan Club league, I'm surprised you got off so cheaply.

    The thing that strikes me is how little most teams spent on pitching. That definitely looks like a market inefficiency ripe for exploitation.