Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Meet the Lambchops

Today we are meeting one of the absolute stalwarts of the CFCL.  Eric Lamb joined the league in 1989 and was a solid presence for the next 19 years.  Eric and I worked at the same bank way back when and in '89 I asked him to join the CFCL.  Thankfully he said yes and from there a wonderful friendship began between him, me and David.

In 2008 Eric moved to Memphis, TN and had to resign from the league.  He's been out of the league for six years now and yet he's still the fifth most tenured owner in history.  And when he left he had the distinction of being one of only three owners to win the CFCL Championship in back to back years.

Did I mention many of our current and former owners have talent and interest beyond running a baseball team?  Yes I did and Eric is no exception.  Here now is Eric Lamb, former owner of the Lambchops.  And here is the link to his Team Profile: 


When you think of the CFCL, what comes to mind?

·         When I think of the CFCL, I think of some of the best years of my life--especially as it relates to my life as a baseball fan! I increased my knowledge level of the game, engaged in meaningful and fun competition, and developed a comraderie with the other owners in the league that I will always cherish! It is great to be around guys who love the sport of baseball as much as I do!

You are one of six owners with multiple CFCL titles and only one of three that won titles in back-to-back years.  What do you attribute to your success?
It is an honor to be one of 6 owners with multiple titles, and back to back titles. The league, during my time in it was EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE, and I did get to a point where having co-owners like John Lemmon and Paul Mahlan, really helped! I still have the trophys up at home, and will probably be buried with them! J:)
What was your favorite part of being in the CFCL?
·         My favorite parts of being in the CFCL were the competition, and the friendships, as well the challenge of trying to constantly prove to myself that I belonged with what I considered to be a group of EXPERT Fantasy Baseball owners. IMO, this league was as tough as ANY EXPERTS league out there!
Least favorite?
·         Least favorite part was when there were owner differences that caused some guys to leave the league. Over time, due to personal circumstances, the amount of time needed to stay competitive in the league became very hard to handle, and eventually became something that ran me down.
Since leaving the CFCL you’ve made quite an impact on the internet with your sports knowledge.  Tell us about it.
·         I have spent my last few years hosting a baseball themed, internet based radio show called "Baseball Week In Review Chicago Style". If anyone would like to listen to the show, they can catch it at www.blogtalkradio.com/stcp or they can subscribe to the show at itunes. It is a free podcast, you just type in the show name in the search engine there, and you can subscribe and listen to the show on your computer, iphone, ipod, or ipad at your convenience! I love doing the show and have been able to interview former major leaguers and players and scouts close to the game! Past guests include Tommy John, Derrick May (former Cub!), John D' Acquisto, Dick Drago, Don DeMola, Frank Cattalonnatto, Casey Stern and Mike Ferrin (of MLB Radio), and more. We plan on having former Cub pitcher Mike Bielecki, former Cub outfielder Jerome Walton, and former Dodger GM Fred Claire in the near future! It is a labor of love and I can't see a time when I won't be doing it! Maybe one day it will make a little money! :)

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