Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ballad of the Bald Eagle

In American culture we are often exposed to things for a relatively short period of time, but the influence endures for generations.  Gilligan’s Island graced the airwaves for a mere three years but the terms “Little Buddy” “The Movie Star” not to mention the theme song are known by millions.

Star Trek was on T.V. for four years and yet there aren’t many people who can’t quote “live long and prosper” or do a passable Captain Kirk impression.  The impact these shows had was immense.  And it is with the CFCL, a microcosm of American society.

In 1986 the CFCL added four teams: 2 vile, despicable scum, one current owner and Bob Monroe.  Bob came to us via Co-Commissioner David Mahlan.  Bob was store manager of Minnesota Fabric in North Riverside while David worked there part-time.

Heading into the 1986 season our owners were comprised of one high school student, three college students, two twenty-somethings, David’s dad and Bob.  Bob, of the group, in my eyes was old.  David’s dad wasn’t – he was a dad.  But Bob was old, had to be late 30’s.  Old to the point that the first few times we got together (expansion draft, real draft) we addressed him as Mr. Monroe.

In looking back over CFCL history I am amazed to realize that the Bald Eagles were part of the league for only six years.  The impact Bob had on the league was similar to Gilligan’s Island and Star Trek.  To this day Bob is still with us.  The in-season weekly blog that I’ve kept for the last three or four years is named the Monroe Doctrine in honor of Bob.  The Constitution has two references to Bob (The Bald Eagle IP requirement and the Bald Eagle AB requirement) because of the way Bob would try to, I’ll say interpret the rules but in reality he would try to skirt the rules.  Many of the loopholes that were closed in the past are due directly to Bob and his manipulations.

When Bob came into the league he sent out this announcement.

More than anything, this announcement said to us “Dude has a computer!”  Remember this was 1986.  Not a lot of households had a personal computer – certainly not the Mahlan or Bentel households.  Bob brought the CFCL into the computer age.  Now David or I would go to Bob’s house each week to enter stats and have the computer calculate the standings, rather than have David do it by hand.

Over the course of the year we will post stories of Bob’s antics and intimidation.  He single handedly broke multiple drafting rules at the 1989 draft.  He perhaps was one of the first owners to practice price enforcement at the draft.   He was the architect of what, on the surface, could be viewed as the worst trade since Brock for Broglio (he receiving Brock).  These stories will come, but for now let me leave you with this.  One year Bob hosted the CFCL Banquet at his home in Brookfield.  He took David into the kitchen and said “Let’s give Rich a glass of water loaded with Tabasco Sauce.”  And so, Bob came out of the kitchen with a glass of water loaded with a red hue and said “Here’s your water Rich.  Sorry my pipes are a little rusty.”  That was Bob.

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