Friday, April 12, 2013

Back to Back

Yesterday we learned that only twelve guys have won the CFCL.  With 29 seasons in the books, that means there were multiple winners.  And if there are multiple winners, there is a chance that there were some back to back champions.

Today we're going to have some fun with numbers.  Including this year the CFCL has had 263 years of play.  By that I mean if you add up each team in every year there have been 263 years (2013, for example added 10 years since there are 10 owners).  Throughout 30 years we have had 38 different owners and those owners have averaged 6.92 years of play.  Seven owners lasted just one year.  Nine owners stayed with the league for more than 10 years.

Twelve owners in 29 years won the championship.  Of those twelve owners, six owners have won multiple titles.

David's Copperfields (a.k.a. the New York Yankees of the CFCL) 11 times
David's Ruffins  4 times
Dem Rebels  2 times
Lambchops  2 times
Kenndoze Line  2 times
Steve's Stones  2 times

Of the above six owners, three of them won back-to-back championships.

David's Copperfields four times (1986-1987; 1987-1988; 1992-1993; 2000-2001)
Lambchops once  (2002-2003)
David's Ruffins (2010-2011)

You'll notice that in the Copperfield's dominance, they actually had a three-peat (1986, 1987, 1988), never done before or since.  While the record of the Copperfields is amazing - eleven titles in 27 years - perhaps looking at the back-to-back accomplishments makes an even bigger statement.  The Copperfields won their first title in 1986 and their last in 2005.  But look at the dates of the back-to-back titles.  They won consecutive titles IN THREE DIFFERENT DECADES! 

It's possible for anyone to win once (Dem Rebels have proven that).  And if you build a really solid team, solid inexpensive core, it would be possible to dominate for a few years in a row.  But to win consecutive titles in three different decades you need to well, I don't even know.  It's just an amazing accomplishment(s).

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