Sunday, April 21, 2013

This Week(ish) in CFCL History

This is the first entry in what will hopefully be a weekly series, where we'll take a look at some historic events from the CFCL's first 30 years that occurred during each week.  Since we're a little late getting this feature started, today we'll cover events occurring through the years on dates from April 1 to April 20.

April 1, 1997 FLATFEET trade Delino Deshileds to LAMBCHOPS for Rod Beck.
An early season trade, but a classic Steals for Saves deal.
April 7, 1997 The CFCL standings are published on the Internet for the first time.
In the 1997 season, the CFCL finally broke down and hired a stat service to compile the stats, Total Quality Stats (now OnRoto).
April 11, 1992 DEM REBELS trade Anthony Young, Wilfredo Cordero (RL) and their 1993 1st round Rotation Draft pick to RUFFINS for Dave Righetti and Pedro Martinez (RL).
This deal was agreed upon during the Draft and announced after it. We'll cover the details on this one in a future post.
April 14, 1991 RUFFINS trade Ray Lankford and Greg W. Harris to BALD EAGLES for Larry Walker and Andy Benes.
April 16, 1995 The first (and to this date, only) 4-team trade in CFCL history:
  • DA PAUL MEISTERS give Pedro Martinez, their 1995 2nd round Rotation Draft pick, get Royce Clayton, Darryl Kile
  • DEM REBELS give Royce Clayton, Sammy Sosa; get Pedro Martinez, Todd Worrell, Meister's 1995 2nd round Rotation Draft pick
  • COPPERFIELDS give Todd Worrell, Phil Plantier; get Sammy Sosa
  • SIX PACKS give Darryl Kile; get Phil Plantier
This massive trade was actually a pre-season deal, as the beginning of the Major League season and our Draft was postponed until early May by the MLB owners’ lockout.
April 18, 1995 COPPERFIELDS trade Todd Zeile, John Smiley, and Eddie Williams to DOORMATTS for Gary Sheffield.
Another pre-season deal brought to you by the 1995 lockout.
April 18, 2002 PICTS trade Chipper Jones, Brian Tollberg, and their 2003 8th round Rotation Draft pick to DEM REBELS for Pedro Feliz, Chin-Feng Chen, Carlos Zambrano (ML), and their 2003 2nd round Rotation Draft pick.
The earliest dump trade in CFCL history. The Picts had lost Ken Griffey Jr to injury within the first few weeks of the season and didn’t think they’d be able to compete without Junior and decided to throw in the towel.  The trade of Chipper Jones for unproven talent so early in the season caused some concern in the league, but Zambrano came up to the majors to stay later in the season and ended up anchoring the Pict staff at a very reasonable price for a number of years. 
April 20, 1993 DEM REBELS trade David Justice to TWIN PICKS for Mitch Williams.
Straight up power for saves.  The Rebels finally get their mitts on Mitch Williams, four years after the Mitch Williams Incident from the 1989 Draft (details to come).
April 20, 1993 RUFFINS trade Jeff Brantley (RL) to COPPERFIELDS for Gene Harris (RL).
April 20, 2009 CANDY COLORED CLOWNS trade David Weathers to DEM REBELS for Eric Byrnes.

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