Thursday, April 11, 2013

Champions of the CFCL

When I really let myself sit and think about it, I am amazed the United States has only had 44 Presidents.  I think we get numb to the number.  When an election brings us a new President, like it did back in 2008 with President Obama's first term, we heard it all the time.  "President Obama becomes the 44 President of the United States".

Being from Illinois we know Abraham Lincoln was the 16th.  To differentiate George H. W. Bush from George W. Bush, sometimes we would hear "41" or "43".  But when you think about it.  Only 44 for a country that was founded 237 years ago.  Of course the math makes sense.  On average each President has served 5.38 years.  Forty-four still seems like an incredibly small number.

The CFCL, as has been well documented, has completed 29 season and is embarking on it's 30th.  That means we have had 29 teams finish in first.  Potentially we would have 29 separate champions.

But here's today's trivia.  How many different champions has the CFCL seen?

I'll give you a minute.  OK, I waited a few second to type the next sentence.  In the history of the CFCL, only twelve different owners have won the championship.  Twelve.  Twelve people in the world can say they won the CFCL.  They are:

ForGoetzMeNots - Dave Goetz
Mudville Sluggers - Jim Fenton
David's Copperfields - David Mahlan
Dem Rebels - Rich Bentel
Bald Eagles - Bob Monroe
Da Paul Meisters - Paul Zeledon
David's Ruffins - Dave Holian
Six Packs - Kelly Barone
Lambchops - Eric Lamb
Steve's Stones - Steve Olson
Kenndoze Line - Kenn Ruby
Candy Colored Clowns - Mike Coulter

That's it.  In the ensuing days we'll breakdown more trivia among the winners, but there have only been 12 so far.  The same number of men who have walked on the moon.

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