Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meet Fred's Friars

Throughout the year we will be visiting with current and former owners of the CFCL. We kick off our Q&A by meeting one of the Original 6, Fred Mahlan - owner of Fred's Friars. The Friars competed from 1984-1986 finishing 3rd, 2nd and 5th. Perhaps most amazing, as you saw from the 1984 rosters, was not only the Friar's pitching staff, but their outfield. He acquired Dale Murphy for .61, Jose Cruz for .50 and Ken Landreaux for .28. That's $1.39 out of a $2.85 budget or 49% of the salary cap being spent on three players in a 25 member team. Yet even with that commitment to only three players the Friar's did finish third in 1984, showing a remarkable ability to pick up really good talent at really low prices.

As we will also see over the course of the year, our current and former owners also have some hidden talents. Fred's happens to be one that can put PECOTA and the Great Karnac to shame.

I give you, Fred Mahlan!

Fred, you were one of the original six owners, running Fred’s Friars for three years.What do you remember about the beginning of the CFCL?
I remember that new rules were quickly invented and how well organized the league became.
What was it like to compete in a fantasy baseball league against your two sons?
It probably was not as cut-throat as it is now.
You had a successful run, finishing 3rd, 2nd and 5th during your ownership.What do you attribute to your success?
The fact that there were so few teams.
Do you recall why you left the league?
I don't remember.
How does it feel to be the father of an eleven time CFCL Champion?
Very impressed - I guess he worked very hard at the research.
Since leaving the CFCL you have become somewhat of a savant for predicting the season record of the Chicago Cubs.What have your predictions been compared to the actual record?


2012 . 60-102 . 61-101
2011 . 69-93 . 71-91
2010 . 74-88 . 75-87
2009 . 84-78 . 83-78
2008 . 78-84 . 97-64
2007 . 70-92 . 85-77
2006 . 70-92 . 66-96
2005 . 72-90 . 79-83
2004 . 83-79 . 89-73
2003 . 80-82 . 88-74
2002 . 63-99 . 67-95

For the record, Fred's 2013 prediction is 60-102.

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  1. I guess the Vegas UNDER will be the bet based on Fred's track record and the line for the Cubs total wins on the year. THANKS FRED!