Friday, April 5, 2013

The Ray Lankford Incident

So yesterday we learned about the origin of the Ruffin Privilege. It's pretty cool and it developed unintentionally, but we were all more than happy to have Dave throw out the first player each year. Kind of like the baseball season officially starts when the first pitch is thrown in Cincinnati. Oh wait, that no longer happens. Commissioner Selig and baseball cowed down to television and moved away from a day game in Cincinnati starting the baseball season.

Well, we here in the CFCL hold on to our sacred traditions. That being said, while the Ruffin Privilege is sacred, it should also be easy. Just spend the ENTIRE off season looking over available players and nominate one. It could be the Ruffins nominate someone they want, or they nominate someone that they feel will go for a high price that will suck a bunch of money out of someone's budget. In 1996 there didn't seem to be a logical reason for the Ruffins to nominate someone . . . already owned by another team. We have enjoyed referencing this Incident for the last 18 years.

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